Latest Vista 3 software goes live
Tuesday, 12 March 2019
vista-3Vista 3’s approach to lighting has been embraced by major rental companies
Europe - Following its successful launch last September, Vista by Chroma-Q has announced ‘Release 2’ (R2) of their Vista 3 lighting and media control software.
Since its launch last year, Vista 3’s approach to lighting and media control has been embraced by major rental companies, production houses and international lighting designers. It has also been used on a number of international tours - notably, for Cliff Richard and Don Broco.
As part of Chroma-Q's ongoing commitment to increased functionality and enhanced capability, Vista 3 R2 highlights include: expanded fixed installation and external trigger capabilities, including an Astronomical clock and new auto show load options. Other additions include a further improved FX engine, expanded Command Line functionality and an updated factory library.
R2 has been designed to provide new and existing users with an even more intuitive user experience for creating and delivering fantastic looking shows.
(Jim Evans)

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