LDI 2018: City Theatrical launches Multiverse DMX system
Thursday, 18 October 2018
multiverse-productsMultiverse is the 5th generation of City Theatrical's engineering development for wireless DMX technology
USA - City Theatrical is launching its new Multiverse wireless DMX system at stand 2815 at LDI in Las Vegas this week (19-21 October).
The Multiverse system can broadcast up to 10 universes of DMX data from a single transmitter while producing less radio energy compared to other single universe systems.
The launch will include the introduction of Multiverse SHoW BabyTM, City Theatrical’s fourth generation of the original plug and play wireless DMX transceiver system, and feature the Multiverse Module, Multiverse Node, Multiverse Transmitter, and Multiverse Gateway products. Discussions and live demonstrations of the technology will take place on stand every half hour.
Every product in the Multiverse system is built around a tiny radio, the Multiverse Module, which can carry up to five universes of data depending on the frequency used. Multiverse Transmitter and Multiverse Gateway products use dual band operation to simultaneously broadcast on different bands (2.4GHz and 900MHz in the Americas) to either spread their radio signals across these two bands or to avoid the overcrowded frequencies.
The system utilises a patent-pending method called MDMX which can reduce data transmission by over 90% while still allowing perfect fidelity. Multiverse also uses a non-interfering RDM system, MRDM, to allow both DMX and RDM to operate simultaneously.
The new system also features Auto Dynamic Limited Burst to automatically save unneeded radio energy by designating only the DMX slots needed to broadcast.
Meanwhile, Multiverse’s SHoW Key system allows any Multiverse system to be password protected to lock out any other systems operating in the area, or to prevent any accidental or malicious activity. Multiverse offers Forward Error Correction to detect and heal errors in data transmission in crowded communication channels. All Multiverse products contain SHoW DMX Neo SHoW IDs, allowing Multiverse products to ‘speak’ with any existing SHoW DMX SHoW Baby, or SHoW DMX Neo product in Neo mode.
The Multiverse SHoW Baby is the fourth generation of the original plug and play wireless DMX transceiver system. City Theatrical says the addition of Multiverse radio technology enhances the performance even more, as the wireless DMX transceiver delivers plug and play wireless DMX and RDM transmission.
The Multiverse Transmitter’s Ethernet input allows it to take in sACN or Art-Net and transmit between eight and 10 user-selectable universes of DMX/RDM with the ability to use less radio energy than other single universe wireless DMX transmitters.
The Multiverse Gateway is a transceiver that works with up to eight wired plus 10 wireless universes of wireless DMX data, providing the fullest use of the Multiverse system.
Both the Multiverse Gateway and Multiverse Transmitter products are Wi-Fi enabled, allowing for communication and control from tablet-based Wi-Fi lighting controllers like Luminair.
(Jim Evans)

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