Le Mark releases Dirty Rigger set markers
Tuesday, 21 June 2022
dirty-rigger-sausage--t-bar-stage-markers-hi-resThe new range of Sausage and T-bar markers from Dirty Rigger
UK - Flooring, tapes and labels specialist Le Mark Group has expanded its offering with a new line of British-made Sausage and T-bar markers from Dirty Rigger.
The new products deliver practical marking and rigging solutions for outdoor events and filming, as well as for busy theatre environments. Le Mark’s Jeff Demain explains: “We’re specialists in tapes for marking out stages but, as we all know, you can’t put tape on grass, or sand, or gravel, for example. So, this is a solution that has immediate appeal for the outdoor film, TV and event markets, and more besides.” That solution is a flexible, hard-wearing, colour-coded Sausage marker made from tough webbing and weighted with stainless steel shot. Robust but soft to the touch, its design includes a sturdy brass eyelet at one end, which can be quickly - and securely - spiked in precisely the right spot.
Durable, colourful and reusable, the new range offers practical solutions to more than just outdoor builds. Theatre riggers can use them as spot lines to drop from the grid, or roof, to line up positions of dead-hung rigging points, motorised flying points or anything that needs to be accurately positioned in keeping with the stage plan. Unlike a solid plumb-bob, the Sausages are kinder to walk into, being flexible by design, which is an added benefit for packing and transportation.
Demain continues: “We also saw other applications in theatre, particularly when multiple shows are rigged in the same space, as with rep’ theatre or touring opera shows, where they can be used to identify suspension lines for each production - Madame Butterfly lines are all blue, Carmen lines are all red, and so on. As a visual aid, they make changeovers a lot easier. They can also be hung from the end of flying bars for easy identification.”
Meeting the needs of outdoor filming work, the range is broadened by the similarly constructed T-bar version, which is used to mark positions precisely and securely for actors, cameras, and dollies in exterior locations - essential for maintaining consistency from take to take.
Both Sausage and T-bar marker varieties come in eight stock colours - red, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, black, and white. Other custom colours are available, but with a minimum order quantity.
“We’re sure that riggers and techs working in festivals, touring, theatre, television, film and more will find these a welcome addition to their range of stock,” says Demain.

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