LED Creative adds colour to Ultimate Worrier
Thursday, 7 June 2018
ultimate-worrierUltimate Warrior is recorded at London’s Hospital Club Studios
UK - Illumination specialists LED Creative is supporting scenic designer Joshua Grace on UKTV’s Jon Richardson: Ultimate Worrier.
Recorded over eight episodes in front of a live studio audience at London’s Hospital Club Studios, the show features comedian Jon Richardson exploring the severity of his various anxieties before carefully filing them away in his ‘worry index’.
Grace’s imaginative set makes clever use of primary colours to highlight the ‘filing system’ theme, with rows of files forming the immersive backdrop that borders the circular stage. Linear LED illumination has also been used to provide the clean, bright edges which pick out the contours above and below the raised podium area.
Working alongside the production crew, LED Creative provided their Alpha 60 and Bit 8-Way Control system to help create the show’s bright, vibrant look.
Speaking about the project, scenic designer Joshua Grace says “The design for Ultimate Worrier relies on built-in LED technology that allows the set to change colour throughout the show, bringing it all to life. LED Creative provided the perfect solution for the integrated product in the set, and it is always a pleasure to collaborate with the team who work their magic to make it all happen in the workshop and in the studio.”
Available as ‘plug and play’ rental units, the LED Creative BIT 8-Way controllers used within the installation are engineered specifically to work in unison with LED ribbon and decorative fixtures; in this case LC Alpha 60 has been woven directly into the set design, adding the powerful, controllable, discreet illumination.
LED Creative project manager Tim Rees comments, “The controllable, flicker free operation of our Bit 8-Way units is perfect for installations such as this, where strong, consistent colour is a key requirement. Josh and the team have done a great job on Ultimate Worrier, creatively incorporating our Alpha 60 to add both a subtle wash and crisp highlights right across the design.”
(Jim Evans)

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