LED Creative supports Blind Date revamp
Thursday, 12 July 2018
blinddatesetThe show features a newly updated set design
UK - Illumination specialists LED Creative is working with scenic designer Dominic Tolfts on the latest run of dating show Blind Date for Channel 5.
Hosted by Paul O’Grady in front of a live audience at ITV London Studios, the show features a newly updated set design filled with rich colour and featuring opulent gold fittings against a lavish, deep purple velvet backdrop.
Cleverly crafted by Tolfts, the ‘framework’ façade that encircles the stage areas incorporates LED Creative’s Alpha 60 flex, providing discreet, uniform illumination to subtly highlight the latticework and add intensity to the vibrantly coloured drapes.
Commenting on the production, LED Creative project manager Tim Rees says, “Dominic has made perfect use of our Alpha 60 RGB system to ‘invisibly’ add illumination to emphasise the detail in his design. The overall effect helps build to the layered feel across the backdrop.”
A key element in the design is the ‘chandelier’ that hangs above the stage stairway. Formed using LED Creative Pulse Wands, the feature is controlled via the company’s BYTE system, which allows users incredible levels of control; over 2000 pixels on less than a single universe.
Rees adds, “As ‘plug and play’ rental kits, our Pulse Wands are perfect for creative designs such as this. Particularly when teamed with our BYTE controllers. Dominic and the crew have done a wonderful job creating a bold, fun looking design - a perfect fit for Blind Date.”
(Jim Evans)

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