Light Fantastic kicks off Harrods World Cup launch
Wednesday, 8 August 2018
lfps-hublot-01The trio of footballs needed to appear to float effortlessly within the atrium
UK - Event specialists, Light Fantastic Production Services Limited partnered with L'Atelier Five agency on the recent Hublot FIFA World Cup installation and product launch event at Harrods, Knightsbridge.
L’Atelier Five turned to LFPS to handle rigging and technical installation on their installation for Hublot watches in the store’s Hans Crescent entrance atrium. At its centre, the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia themed project featured three large open frame ‘footballs’ constructed from aluminium with integrated LED lighting and video displays.
Finished in red, white and blue to reflect the Russian national colours, the trio of footballs needed to appear to float effortlessly within the atrium. Limited by extreme load restrictions on the rigging points and severe weight limitations on the sloping floor below which precluded the use of traditional lifting methods, LFPS were called upon to devise the creative rigging method to safely lift the structures to height. LFPS also took charge of the electrical installation providing a discreet supply to each football directly from the Harrods infrastructure.
Having installed the footballs, LFPS were also invited to return to the site to provide lighting, audio, video and scenic elements for the prestigious Hublot launch event staged in front of a VIP audience.
The team utilised their stock of Robe LEDBeam 150s to line the entrance corridor, which also doubled as the backdrop to the live proceedings.
The LFPS audio department supplied a number of d&b T10 and B4 speakers, selected from the company’s extensive stock of aesthetically pleasing white products to soundtrack the event. The audio augmented the atmosphere with authentic background crowd chants to help build the football theme and deliver crystal clear vocal reinforcement. The company also fielded their 75” Samsung LED displays for video playback and a countdown sequence to officially launch the installation.
LFPS managing director Rob Myer said, “It’s an absolute pleasure to be supporting L'Atelier Five on such a fantastic, high profile production. Working to precise schedules like this requires clear planning and extremely accurate execution. The entire crew have done a tremendous job, totally transforming the venue within the allotted time slot.”
(Jim Evans)

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