Lighting industry initiative unites Australia
Tuesday, 21 April 2020
goldcoastsmBuildings and landmarks throughout Australia featured
Australia - On 15 April, Australian skies were lit up in support of those fighting the COVID-19 global pandemic whilst also drawing attention to the plight of the country’s entertainment industry.
Organised by ALIA, the event also served as a morale boost for the lighting industry. Production companies, sole traders, distributors and manufacturers all joined in the effort.
The brief was fairly open being just colourful with a bit of movement and initially, premises only were to be lit up. But many companies were able to light significant landmarks including hospitals, theatres, town halls, sports stadiums and even a lighthouse. Many sought permission from the aviation authorities to project high into the night skies.
In an act of generosity, Brisbane-based Gobotech offered free gobos to those taking part.
ALIA was “blown away by the number of participants and the amount of time and effort afforded”.

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