The new facility serves as a central hub for partners and customers
France - Lightware Visual Engineering has announced the opening of its new Experience Centre in France, located near Paris.
The new facility, situated in Vélizy-Villacoublay, serves as both the new office for the Lightware France team and a central hub for partners and customers throughout France, offering sales, customer, and technical support for all of Lightware's products.
Customers enjoy direct access to Lightware's comprehensive product range, which includes Vinx, MX2M, TPX, LARA, as well as their award-winning technologies such as Taurus UCX and UBEX. A training room, equipped with the latest Lightware devices, provides customers with a platform for product testing, roadmap discussions, and the exploration of emerging technologies.
The opening of this new facility in France marks a significant strategic move in Lightware's global expansion, says the company. It aligns with the company's strategic growth objectives and offers customers a convenient platform to experience the advantages of Lightware's products.
“This Experience Centre represents our commitment to providing a superior customer experience and encouraging collaboration and innovation," said Dominique Bonneau, Lightware’s France director. "We're excited to welcome visitors to our showroom, and we believe it will make working with Lightware and our products even better."
In 2023, the company also launched Experience Centres in London and Sydney, and next year it will be opening more local offices and demo centres worldwide.

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