Luminex at heart of hit musicals
Thursday, 31 January 2019
starlight-expressresizedStarlight Express (photo © Starlight Express)
Europe - Sound designer Gareth Owen has selected Luminex GigaCore 12 switches to provide networked audio for his immersive sound designs on all-new productions of international hit musicals, Starlight Express, Bat Out of Hell and Come From Away.
Utilising d&b audiotechnik's Soundscape object-based sound design mixing platform, the technically demanding shows - which range from 180º up to full 360º implementation - feature a large number of data channels running over Dante. With no analogue backup for the audio systems, the network distribution has to be 100% reliable.
Working together with d&b and equipment suppliers to the shows, Stage Sound Services and Orbital Sound, the Luminex GigaCore network switches were rigorously tested in a Soundscape-based setup and left everyone impressed.
Owen comments: "We wanted to get a Dante-approved switch which was rock solid, well-built and trustworthy. The Luminex switches are built to last in this industry, with a proper case that's not going to bend when they have to go up 16 stories and up onto fly floors, or when slammed off a truck.
"This also makes the GigaCores a good investment for rental companies. They're more expensive than an off the shelf domestic or commercial switch, but in the long term you're not going to be buying more of them, so you will continue to earn money from them in the future.
"The GigaCores are so quick and easy to set up. You don't need a degree in IT to configure them. You plug in, turn on, plug things into them and they just work. Being able to fully isolate down what the network is seeing in terms of devices is extremely valuable."
(Jim Evans)

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