Lynx Pro Audio Rainbow software goes 3D
Monday, 14 November 2022
lynxproaudioraimbow3dsound-systems-1Rainbow 3D has been coded from scratch in a five-year in-house development process
Spain - Lynx Pro Audio has announced the availability of Rainbow 3D, its electro-acoustical prediction software for loudspeaker systems, boasting ‘comprehensive high-speed simulation in a three-dimensional environment’.
Building on the company’s existing 2D software and led by Raúl Jordán from Lynx Pro Audio’s R&D department, Rainbow 3D has been coded from scratch in a five-year in-house development process. In tandem with this, over the course of this year new spherical measurements of the company’s full loudspeaker portfolio have been performed in their recently built anechoic chamber.
Carlos Matalí, R&D manager, notes: “Although 5-degree polar resolution is commonly used, products such as line array modules generate extremely narrow beams at high frequencies, so we use two degrees for those. This means measuring and storing exponentially more data points, but significantly improves calculation accuracy.”
Ben Sinclair, sales director adds: “While accurate simulation is obviously the main goal here, being able to quickly put together a visually detailed and attractive project that the customer can better relate to is certainly also a big plus”.
Extensive productivity tools such as copy and paste, duplication with offset, and drag-and-drop are provided. Each corner in a 4-vertex plane is independently definable as sloped or round with selectable radiuses, which opens the ability to use a single plane for complex shapes such as octagons, circles, semi-circles, or stages with curved front edge and slanted back.
Rainbow 3D is an ongoing project that will be constantly adding new features. Soon, communication with OCS, the company’s control and monitoring software, will be available. After extensive beta testing carried out with the help of Lynx Pro Audio users, Rainbow 3D is now available for download on Lynx Pro Audio’s website. Video tutorials can be found on the brand’s YouTube channel.

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