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LSi is 35 years old this month - for those of us on the team who remember pulling together the magazine’s special 25th anniversary issue what seems like only five minutes ago, that fact seems somewhat unbelievable! But much as the past 10 years feels like a mere blink-of-an-eye, equally so much has changed. Technology and techniques have continued to evolve; lighting and video have become ever more unified as mediums; and - this year in particular - ‘virtual events’ have impacted on our lives in ways we’d never have dreamed possible 10 months ago, never mind 10 years ago . . .

Inside, we travel to the fictional island of Papilionem to attend Tomorrowland Around the World, a digital festival that’s re-defined the format. We also detail other forms of virtual events - including those staged in gaming platform Minecraft, internet portal Mozilla Hubs and more.

For those who prefer traditional live events we also report on the UK’s first socially-distanced gigs, as Kate Lyon details the human effort that went in to staging live music’s comeback at Newcastle’s Gosforth Park. Meanwhile, Rob Halliday discovers how the BBC’s Proms successfully persevered without a live audience and Mike Clark visits Italy’s impressive new broadcast hub, Milano City Studios.

Also inside, Simon Allen reviews the new Avantis digital console from Allen & Heath, David Barbour details how Peter Mumford lit and directed Garsington Opera’s Fidelio from half a continent away, and we update on the latest #WeMakeEvents action. Plus, all your regular favourites and more. Enjoy!

Claire Beeson

Virtual revolution

With a vivid 3D location and expertly-staged performances, Tomorrowland Around the World has transformed virtual music events. Simon Duff reports . . .

BBC Proms

With no live audience to energise this year’s Proms, the technical team resorted to ‘simple yet challenging’ solutions to bring the staple events to life. Rob Halliday reports . . .

Design of the times

Lee Baldock looks at recent experiments in virtual entertainment experiences and what they could mean for the future of the event production industry . . .


LSi talks to rising star Luca Serra

Empire state Phil Ward speaks volumes

The Shend Interrogates Martin Richardson

ReLink Virtual Production

Leave us alone!

Crystal balls

Louise Stickland talk to Sue Diepeveen, actor and theatre practitioner behind South Africa’s The Drama Factory . . .

James Simpson predicts the shape of tech to come : 35 going on 70

All points north east

Newcastle’s Virgin Money Unity Arena shows set the blueprint for large socially-distanced outdoor events in the UK. Kate Lyon reports from Gosforth Park . . .

Milano City Studios

Mike Clark visits Milan’s impressive events production complex that aims to become the envy of Europe . . .

TF : Avantis

Simon Allen reviews Allen & Heath’s new digital mixing console that packs professional features in an affordable package . . .

PLASA Online a success

Teodora Lyubomirova reports on PLASA’s first week-long virtual conference . . .

Survival mode

LSi reports on the UK live event industry’s continuing fight for survival . . .

The far-away Fidelio

David Barbour discovers how Peter Mumford lit and directed Garsington Opera’s Fidelio remotely whilst residing half a continent away . . .

People powered

Rob Halliday talks to some of the individuals working tirelessly behind the scenes on the continuing #WeMakeEvents campaign . . .

NEXT ISSUE*: Theatre: Death of England: Delroy • Live: Andrea Bocelli in concert • Audio: Mics in space on Mars Rover • Project: Holopops Ultra • Tech: Martin’s ERA Series • Plus all of your regular favourites . . .
*Subject to change


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