Martin Adorn loudspeakers now shipping
Tuesday, 12 February 2019
adorn-series-copyAdorn created a major impression on launch at the recent Martin Audio Open Days
UK - Martin Audio reports that its recently announced series of Adorn on-wall loudspeakers is now shipping.
Adorn was launched at the recent Martin Audio Open Days, where global distributors noted the many application opportunities it offers, from retail to corporate.
Designed for distributed sound applications that require high performance from visually discreet enclosures, the Adorn series also provides a seamless sonic transition within a multi-zoned complex using larger Martin Audio systems such as CDD or BlacklineX.
Dom Harter, managing director, comments: “The commercial install market for loudspeakers is significant and growing, and the Adorn series is targeted to win over specifiers, system integrators and installers by offering stunning sound quality in a diminutive, attractive and competitively priced package.”
The newly-announced SX110 subwoofer will further extend the bandwidth of Adorn on-wall speakers, and is suitable for foreground music applications which require increased impact and low frequency performance.
Supporting electronics for Adorn series has also resulted in a significant shake up of Martin Audio’s amplifier and controller portfolio. Via is a new range of four high performance, cost effective power amplifiers designed primarily for installation use, but also suited to portable applications.
Dom Harter, explains: “We have enjoyed huge success with the new iKON amplifiers for our Wavefront Precision series and this Via range of amps offers our users affordable, high-performance amplifiers for use with our other loudspeakers.”
(Jim Evans)

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