Martin Audio reinforces Time Out Markets
Thursday, 31 October 2019
time-outTime Out Market Boston
USA - New York City-based ear Networks has recently designed sound systems for the newly opened Time Out Markets in Miami, New York and Boston consisting of Martin Audio CDD, SX subs, O-Line arrays and Ceiling Series loudspeakers.
The first Time Out Market opened in Lisbon in 2014 and the popular format is now coming to other cities around the world.
Time Out Market is rooted in the heritage of Time Out – the magazine created in London in 1968 to inspire and enable people to explore and enjoy the best of the city. Since then, Time Out editors have been writing about the best food, drink and cultural experiences worldwide. Today, a global team of local expert journalists is curating the best things to do in 327 cities in 58 countries across websites, magazines, social media and live events. Now this curation is brought to life at Time Out Market.
Asked about the project, ear Networks’ Kurt Schlossberg replies: “We were asked to design an audio system that could operate throughout the day under various conditions, providing background music during the day, cocktail music during the early evening and a foreground system that could support performances from DJs and bands.
“Our goals when we designed the system,” Kurt continues, “were for highly articulate vocal reproduction that’s neither muddy nor diffuse, very natural sounding music running through a wide variety of current and classic genres and a very contemporary sound for DJs. So we needed a very broad-based speaker system to cover all of the genres, moods and sonic levels. Given all that, Martin Audio offered the best possibilities on every level.”
Overall, ear Networks has deployed Martin Audio CDD8’s, CDD12’s, SX112, SX212 subs and O-Line micro line arrays in all three venues. Time Out Market Miami, a single floor 18,000sq.ft space, has 24 CDD8’s, two CDD12’s, three SX212’s, two SX112’s and four O-Line line array modules along with Martin Audio C6.8T and C8.1T Ceiling Series speakers for the bathrooms, hallways and other ancillary spaces.
The CDD speakers are mounted approximately 10ft off the ground at intervals around the room. Three SX212’s run the length of the space and two SX112’s are used as sub support for the O-Line arrays, deployed for DJ and live band performances, as well as reinforcement for the video wall.
Time Out Market Boston, a single floor 25,000sq.ft space, includes 36 CDD8’s, eight CDD12’s, 11 SX112’s and four O-Line cabinets while Time Out Market New York, a double floor 21,000sq.ft space, has 72 CDD8’s, three SX112’s and six SX212’s.
(Jim Evans)

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