Martin Projection 1000 fixtures light Big Blue
Friday, 19 February 2021
emeablue-whale-exterior-lighting4The Piispantorni renovation and exterior lighting design was unveiled on 31 December
Finland - Harman Professional Solutions recently partnered with Studiotec Oy and Turku Energia to illuminate the recently renovated Piispantorni building’s façade and its new whale mural with Martin Exterior Projection 1000 fixtures.
Originally constructed in 1973, Piispantorni is the tallest building in the Finnish city of Kaarina and offers a dazzling view of the nearby Gulf of Finland from its upper floors. Formerly owned and utilised by Finnish brewing company Hartwall, the building’s new owner recently renovated the building to offer commercial office rentals to professionals in the Turku region of Finland. As part of the renovation, the building received a completely new steel façade featuring a stunning, 82-foot-long mural of a life-size blue whale titled Big Blue by artist Mauri Kosonen.
In order to enhance the effect of the mural, Piispantorni’s owner hired Turku Energia to implement a dynamic underwater-inspired lighting design created by lead designer Antti Viertamo in collaboration with Deniz Seifulla of Signify Finland and senior lighting designer Anssi Mäkinen of Sitowise. Turku Energia brought the ambitious lighting design to life with Martin Exterior Projection 1000 fixtures, supplied by Finnish distributor Studiotec Oy.
“The owner wanted to enhance the new façade of Piispantorni with a lighting design that reflects the seaside nature of the city,” said Jami Lehtonen, sales manager, Studiotec Oy. “The design features animations that look like ocean waves, which goes perfectly with Mauri Kosonen’s Big Blue whale painting.
“The motion of the waves is created entirely with Martin Exterior Projection 1000 fixtures, which were chosen because of their exceptional power over distance and built-in animation engines. The lighting design was created specifically with that fixture in mind, and it did not disappoint - everyone involved is very happy with the final result.”
Turku Energia deployed a total of 11 Martin Exterior Projection 1000 fixtures to cover all four walls of Piispantorni in colourful moving animations, producing the illusion that the building and its whale mural are underwater.
“With exterior architecture projects like this, protection from moisture is a big concern, especially because Finland is experiencing a harsh winter this year,” continued Lehtonen. “The Exterior Projection 1000’s IP66 rating keeps the fixtures working in extreme weather conditions. The extended warranty offered by Martin also guarantees peace of mind that they will replace any of the fixtures in the rare case of equipment failure.”
The Piispantorni renovation and exterior lighting design was completed in the second half of 2020, and the vision was unveiled on 31 December.

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