Matrix makes it live for Phil Collins in the US
Thursday, 6 September 2018
phil-collinsBack in the USA - Phil Collins (photo: Patrick Balls)
USA - Matrix is supplying their PPU, camera systems and LED to the North American segment of the Phil Collins tour - Phil Collins Not Dead Yet, Live (see LSi September 2017 for a production report).
This is the first tour Phil has performed in the US, in 12 years. The North American region forms part of the Worldwide tour which runs for three weeks from 3-28 October. The concerts commence in Fort Lauderdale, travelling up the west to Canada, into the Mid-West and onto the West Coast – all in all 15 shows in 25 days.
Phil Collins and the band will be supported with a range of Matrix supplied equipment - most notable is the PPU, camera systems and LED inventory.
The Matrix PPU with Ross Carbonite Mixer will work alongside a seven-camera package to ensure optimum artist coverage. These consist of four operated cameras using Matrix’s recently purchased Sony HXC 100 EFP cameras. The remaining three cameras will include a Sony Robo camera and two Marshall lipstick cameras to augment the cut. Camera positioning will include front of house, the pit and stage right hand held. The pit cameras will sit on 60ft of track with Spyder dollies.
The LED consists of a number of different 5.9mm audience screens, all of which are controlled through a Media Server Catalyst using grandMA2 lite desks. The main screen will be upstage and display a 12m x 7m (39ft x 23ft) image. In addition, there will be a mid-stage LED Riser, five risers with 35 x 5 tiles each and one downstage LED Strip of 27 tiles. To support this there will be two IMAG screens each measuring 8m x 5m (26ft x 16ft).
The main LED - upstage and riser screens will have a mixture of graphic and camera imagery. This will run through Catalyst to provide an appropriate treatment throughout the playlist. The side screens will serve one function - live Camera Relay. In addition to the LED, there will be a projector front of house, this will be used for walk-in as well as a display to show still images of Phil through the years in the music industry.
Ruary states, “Matrix has recently invested in a significant quantity of Sony camera systems, four of which will be on this tour. To see these out on the upcoming Phil Collins concerts, along with our PPU is great. The cutting-edge technology along with the LED will provide a superb backdrop with comprehensive clear coverage of Phil and the band, to enhance the audience’s visual experience.”
(Jim Evans)

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