Modulo Pi adds Extended Reality capabilities
Thursday, 12 November 2020
modulopi-xreventsModulo Kinetic addresses the need for virtual and hybrid events
France - Modulo Pi has announced the addition of new Extended Reality (XR) capabilities to Modulo Kinetic, the fully integrated media server solution. Designed with the needs of Pro AV players in mind, the new version of Modulo Kinetic upgraded with XR features will make production of virtual and hybrid events significantly simplified and accessible, says the company.
Modulo Kinetic is a comprehensive media server solution successfully deployed in large immersive installations such as the Atelier des Lumières in France, also used on corporate events, and live performances like the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in Australia.
Over recent months, Modulo Pi has developed new XR features in Modulo Kinetic to address the need for virtual and hybrid events in the context of the Covid-19 crisis and physical distancing guidelines. The new capabilities include an enhanced chroma keyer, improved embedded 3D engine, as well as the support of camera tracking for the Panasonic AW-UE150, Stype, and Vive systems.
Based on these new capabilities, Pro AV players will be able to produce virtual events featuring background replacement, extended reality, augmented reality, and scenic extension. These technologies help enrich the elements usually met in physical events with immersive 3D environments, 3D objects, animations, and the ability to switch scenes, contents, and cameras in an instant.
Virtual events produced with Modulo Kinetic are compatible with LED screen configurations, but also with green screen setups to adapt to projects on a budget.
The Modulo Kinetic platform embeds all necessary tools to produce real-time virtual sets: Previsualization tools for real-time 3D study, simulation and VR, a 3D environment and user-friendly 3D engine for real-time generative content, an improved chroma keyer, powerful 2D real-time compositing tools, a timeline sequencer, as well as a nodal editor to easily add interactivity in a show.
In addition, Modulo Kinetic includes a low-latency live mixer for real-time production, and a UI Designer to create custom control panels compatible with PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

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