Neve Genesys Black for Detroit studio
Tuesday, 1 June 2021
neveRobin and Mike Kinnie with their Neve Genesys Black console
USA - Audio Engineers of Detroit has opened a new recording studio in midtown Detroit with a 32-channel Neve Genesys Black console at the heart of its main control room.
The studio provides many different recording services, including commercial voice over, podcasts, music recording, mixing in stereo, 5.1 up to Dolby Atmos, audio restoration, location sound and audio-visual services. Running alongside this commercial work, Audio Engineers of Detroit also offers an education programme that teaches students the skills and techniques needed to follow a career in professional audio.
“Some years ago, I had the pleasure of mixing on a vintage Neve console and fell in love with the sound,” says Mike Kinnie, founder and vice president of Audio Engineers of Detroit. “We wanted that Neve sound for the new studio and we also wanted a console that had DAW control so it made sense to us, after researching different consoles, to choose the AMS Neve Genesys Black console.
“It does make life easier, and it makes a difference knowing that you have options in terms of the way you want to work – traditional or ‘in the box’. Most of our clients prefer ‘in the box’, but it is great that we can give them a choice. Having this console will also help our students develop their engineering skills – I know it has already helped develop mine.”
Mike, who began his career in live sound before moving into studio recording, runs Audio Engineers of Detroit with his wife Robin Kinnie. Both have considerable pro audio credentials – over the years Mike has recorded hundreds of songs, worked thousands of shows, and amassed a plethora of industry contacts, while Robin, who is President of Audio Engineers of Detroit, has forged an illustrious career in podcast and audiobook production. She also regularly speaks on amplifying diverse voices and serves as the Detroit Chapter Head of, a national organization focused on increasing the number of women in audio engineering.

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