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Monday, 4 May 2020
audioversitylogonoproaudiobkwavegray1The sessions are part of Yamaha’s extensive Audioversity tuition resource
Europe - Nexo’s Engineering Support Division continues its popular series of online webinars with a menu of topics which will appeal to sound engineers working with all brands of professional equipment.
Nexo is using Facebook Live on its popular channel to present these e-learning sessions, part of Yamaha’s extensive Audioversity tuition resource.
“We’ve carefully considered these sessions so that they will also interest engineers and venue owners/operators who may not yet be familiar with Nexo systems,” explains lead trainer Nicolas Poitrenaud. “We are confident that these Facebook Live sessions will provide skills and knowledge to enhance the business activities of many professionals, especially in these difficult times.”
The latest additions include:
Tuesday 5 May @ 10.00hrs: Fundamentals of Acoustics in English with Nicolas Poitrenaud (120 minutes). This webinar covers the basics of acoustics and psychoacoustics for live sound application. Sound radiation, propagation and perception are explained in order to make participants confidents with the main acoustic parameters and phenomena.
Wednesday 6 May @ 10.00hrs: Introduction to NS-1 in English with Nicolas Poitrenaud (120 minutes). An introduction to NS1, Nexo’s acoustic simulation programme. It presents sound system design principles using software workflow starting from venue creation and system implementation, up to its acoustical and mechanical settings to optimize its performance in a venue. Participants work on two different solutions using Nexo point source and line source according to various targets.
Thursday 7 May @ 10.00hrs: Directive Subwoofer and Sub Arrangement Design in English with Nicolas Poitrenaud. As subwoofer directivity and arrangement is becoming more and more important in system performances, this webinar is about "do's" and "don'ts". A presentation of the different options used to design directional subwoofer is followed by arrangement and design using Nexo subwoofers and NS1 simulation programme.
Tuesday 12 May 1 @ 15.00hrs: System Specifics and Integration in English, with François Deffarges and Gareth Collyer. This webinar covers all steps leading to a high performance permanent installation, from specifications to design, tuning and commissioning. Acoustical, network, cabling, mechanical and electrical requirements and standards are detailed.
Wednesday 13 May @ 15.00hrs: Application Case: performing Arts Venues in English with David Hochstenbach. Designing systems for live performance venues involves many variables, including which music repertoire, venue capacity, room acoustics, aesthetic integration. (It is recommended that participants have a good working knowledge of NS1 for this session).
Thursday 14 May @ 10.00hrs: Application Case: Sports Arenas and Stadiums in English with François Deffarges. Sound system performances in sports arenas and stadiums have significantly improved over the last 20 years. This webinar will cover requirements as well as design challenges.
Thursday 14 May @ 15.00hrs: Application Case: Live Events with STM in English with Bertrand Billon. This webinar describes Nexo STM High End System technologies and features, and implementation into NS1 simulation software. (Working knowledge of NS1 recommended)
All times are GMT+1, the time in Paris, France. To participate in the webinars, visit
(Jim Evans)

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