Simon Evans, CEO of Sumolight UK (left) with Matt Lloyd of 3LR Lighting
UK - 3LR Lighting has announced the addition of Germany-based film and television lighting brand Sumolight to its portfolio of lighting brands.
Designed and built at its headquarters in Berlin, Sumolight’s range of robust, high-output LED and laser-sourced luminaires are virtual production-ready - available to integrate with the latest techniques in film and television content creation. Its broad range of products have seen use on many recent high-profile productions, including Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Midnight Sky, House of the Dragon, The Matrix Resurrections and many more. Interest from other sectors is steadily on the rise.
Simon Evans, CEO of Sumolight UK, says: “As we see the UK film market sector grow, along with multiple other uses of our products, expansion is a natural step for the UK business. But with so many enquiries from outside of our traditional sectors, we simply had to reevaluate how to deal with the growth in a non-organic way.”
He adds: “Partnering with 3LR was the easiest and most logical decision we could make. They understand our native innovation-based company DNA, how we offer a collective solution for ICVFX and IBL, appreciate our green initiatives, and most importantly truly understand our product portfolio deployed in market sectors we did not previously engage with. This is a real win-win for both parties and gives added value to all existing and future clients.”
Tim Zur, owner and global head of Sumolight, adds: “3LR is a UK specialist which will support our enlarged customer base and tap into not only film and TV markets, but also beyond. Meeting Matt and Josh from 3LR made perfect sense, as our vision on how technology and markets evolve is perfectly aligned. We believe appointing 3LR as our sales representative for the UK and the Republic of Ireland really is best practice and allows us to engage even more end users in existing and new markets, introducing them to the innovation-based Sumolight DNA.”
3LR Lighting’s, Matt Lloyd says: “We’re delighted to add Sumolight to our offering at 3LR. Their products are not only beautiful solutions, but they’re well engineered, tough, practical and up to speed with current control technologies. Their spirit of innovation, and their commitment to providing the very best lighting solutions is deeply impressive, and chimes precisely with what we aim to achieve for our customers.”

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