robe-jack-whiteRobe helps Supply Chain Issues for Jack White
Friday, 12 August 2022

USA - Jack White –one half of The White Stripes – is back on the road with the topically named “Supply Chain Issues” world tour, currently playing its first US leg. The artist is presenting two critically new albums Fear of the Dawn and Entering Heaven Alive.
Matching this creative excellence on the visual design side is Matthieu Larivee from Montreal-based LUZ Studio.
Matthieu specified over 100 Robe moving lights to help him achieve numerous aesthetic goals, with 63 x BMFL WashBeams, 18 x Spiiders, 36 x MegaPointes and three BMFL Follow Spots running on one RoboSpot system, all supplied by Solotech.
Challenges have included creating a workable and scalable design to deal with both arenas and the smaller more intimate theatre spaces that Jack White loves to play. Also, there is a different setlist each night drawn from a vast catalogue of songs … so Matthieu and his FOH team had to programme for every possibility and to spontaneously recall and run song cues at a moment’s notice.
The essence of the design concept was to present an all-encompassing show look that works in conjunction with several different aesthetic ‘blocks’ of lighting and video, so the order of the set fits whichever numbers are played in whatever order.
This set design is a ‘stage-on-a-stage’ with double level risers that move downstage during the second number so Jack White and the band are both close together and nearer the audience. This also enabled the full stage setup to be installed upstage of theatre fire irons.
The th

glastoVoid embraces Lonely Hearts Club at Glastonbury
Friday, 12 August 2022

UK - Void Acoustics embraced the energy and vibe of their first major presence at Glastonbury on the 50th Anniversary edition of the festival.
Glastonbury’s long-awaited return to this year’s summer calendar saw the addition of two new stages in the popular Silver Hayes area of the festival. One of these new stages was the Lonely Hearts Club – an arresting addition to this club-goers paradise.
It was from the art deco styled Lonely Hearts Club stage that Void Acoustics made an impressive visual and sonic impact in this part of Glastonbury throughout the long festival weekend.
NSL Productions (long-standing rental and integration partner of Void Acoustics) installed this festival stage for Team Love who were the festival production team behind Silver Hayes this year.
“Although we have worked at Glastonbury previously, this was our first year working in the Silver Hayes area,” explains Tom Broughton, director, NSL Productions. “Our engagement was a result of the great relationship we have built with Team Love from working in close co-operation with them at other festivals including Love Saves the Day in Bristol where the Lonely Hearts Club first made its debut.”
Tom continues that “given our previous large-scale stage productions with Team Love, we got involved in this project from the very early stages as some careful planning was required.”
The brief was precise, and with the 40ft high structure, it was clear to Tom that the robust Void Acoustics Arcline 8 line array modular system “was the perfect solution f

skySky Studios Elstree streamlines with Xytech Systems
Friday, 12 August 2022

UK - First announced in 2019 and opening its doors fully later this year, Sky Studios Elstree is a joint project between Sky and NBCUniversal. The 27.5-acre, complex located just north of London houses 13 sound stages, with media operations provider Xytech Systems offering total operational and financial control by streamlining the new film and TV studio’s internal processes across quoting, resource scheduling, cost management and reporting.
“Not long after Sky Studios Elstree was given the go-ahead in 2019, we started searching for a media operations solution that would meet the strict demands of our cutting-edge studios catering for high-end TV shows and films,” said Tom Avison, director of operations at Sky Studios Elstree. “Sky already had an excellent, long-standing relationship with Xytech Systems through its Transmission solutions installed at the Sky facilities in Italy, Germany and the UK. We also knew Xytech was already servicing other major studios across the UK, so we naturally approached them to see what they could offer us.”
Avison notes how from the early discussions and right through to the implementation and go-live phase, they found both the solution and the expertise offered by the Xytech team to be “highly flexible and responsive to the requirements of our operation and our ambition to use the system from quote to invoice and at every point in between.”
Xytech’s Media Operations Platform now manages the studio’s scheduling requirements, including studios, ancillary room and equipment bookings.
“Xytech s

rollingthunderThe Design Oasis lights Rolling Loud with Chauvet
Friday, 12 August 2022

USA - Summer festivals are always full of surprises for anyone working in production, and not all of them have to do with unpredictable weather. Set to light Rolling Loud’s high-profile Snipes Stage where Money Man, Big30, Sleazyworld Go, and Curren$y (who helped start the hip-hop bash back in 2015) would be performing, Abbas Ritscher expected to have spotlights for front lights, but that was not an option.
Undeterred, Ritscher and his team at The Design Oasis, grabbed 12 extra Chauvet Professional Maverick Storm 1 Wash fixtures from their inventory and hung them “as far down the stage as we could” to create a clean front wash.
“We wanted to have a consistent wash throughout the stage, given who was performing here and because we need a camera friendly setting,” said Ritscher. “The Storm I was our work horse.”
Flown on eight rows of overhead truss, two of which were positioned on each side of the stage with the remaining structures running over its center from upstage to downstage, the high-output RGBW washes, colorised the stage in even fields of vibrant hues, that stood up well against the large video wall and video-fronted DJ booth that dominated its centre. A pair of horizontally oriented video wall strips ran down each side of the stage along with the truss.
“We had a pretty substantial video presence on the stage, and the lighting complemented it very well,” said Ritscher. “There were times when we had mostly dark space on the stage, and light from just a few of the panels and fixtures – the effect was very dramatic

pncinnovationzoneClair Global plays key role in PNC initiative
Friday, 12 August 2022

USA - There is no denying the immense popularity of esports and video gaming around the world. Entire sports arenas sell out for fans to watch their favourite gaming stars compete. But what if this gaming technology could be used as a purposefully constructive educational tool for the local community? What if the technology and creativity that goes into creating a video game could be transitioned into targeted curriculum disguised as entertainment?
This is the vision of the team behind Whitaker Center in in Harrisburg, PA and Ted Black, president, and CEO of Whitaker Center, for the newly created, 7,000sq.ft PNC Innovation Zone.
Says Black, “We saw an opportunity within gaming for a perfect vehicle into learning.” The PNC Innovation Zone is a first in its category – a venue dedicated to experiential learning in disciplines such as science, technology, engineering, arts, and math for kids eight years and up, plus teens and others who may be “aging out” of the current offerings of the science centre here.
“Our vision was to create a purposeful gaming studio that attracts younger audiences and engages them at higher levels and to develop a space that fits more with Whitaker Center’s traditional initiative of bringing arts and science education together under one roof. The new PNC Innovation Zone does just that and then some.”
Whitaker Center partnered with Lititz, PA-based Clair Global Integration and nationally recognised, PA-based, educational architectural firm Crabtree, Rohrbaugh & Associates (CR&A) to create, design,

le-markLe Mark Group turns cowshed into dance studio
Friday, 12 August 2022

UK - An old cowshed with flagstone floors has been transformed into a home dance studio fit for a competitive dancer, thanks to Le Mark Group. Caroline de Grey, who competes in ballroom as well as a social Argentine tango and Latin dancing, needed a home rehearsal studio for the hours of practice she puts in each day.
Work on the barn conversion began at the end of 2021 and was completed in June 2022, with Caroline now boasting a space that allows her to glide seamlessly through her routines on a new vinyl floor laid by Le Mark.
“The project started in October. I got in touch with a production manager for Holland Park Opera who creates temporary dance floors. He created a frame which sat over the flagstones, before installing a wooden floor on top. He then recommended Le Mark Group for a vinyl to lay over the ply,” explained Caroline.
Caroline did her research online and narrowed her selection down to two companies. “I felt drawn to Le Mark as it markets itself as a very reliable family business. It is also a well-established company, and I felt they were professional from the word ‘go’ and very proactive; I didn’t get the same impression from the other supplier.”
The 20sq.m floor space needed a very specific sort of floor. In ballroom dancing, there is a drive action that requires the dancer to be able to push off and glide across the floor. Too slippery and the dancer goes flying; not slippery enough and the dancer won’t move. Similarly with the Argentine Tango, the dancer must be able to pivot and the floor beneath their fee

risingstarquantumDiGiCo Quantum manages Rising Star TV series
Friday, 12 August 2022

Israel - Reality TV singing competition, Rising Star, has upgraded its audio system to a flagship DiGiCo Quantum console, to take advantage of the range’s capacity and flexible architecture. The console is required to manage a challenging run of live shows featuring multiple performances, and servicing FOH and monitors demands from one surface.
Between season 2 and 7, the winner was given the opportunity to represent Israel in the Eurovision Song Contest. Due to its success, the programme became a global phenomenon in the reality TV sphere with many international television stations buying the rights to produce the programme.
DiGiCo is the brand of choice for the show's head of sound, Yossi Edri, who has used DiGiCo consoles in all of his recent projects, including the major live TV productions, the Israeli-hosted 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, and the annual national Dancing With The Stars TV series.
“Quite simply, Quantum feels like home! The first feature that amazed me when I initially used the console was the seemingly endless number of MADI connections, and the fact that it has perfect integration with the Optocore fibre network, which is a familiar platform for me, and is, in my opinion, the best network protocol the audio industry has to offer,” says Edri.
“It was the logical choice to specify DiGiCo for the next series of Rising Star. In this production, the ability to add racks, consoles or any other stream to and from a broadcast van is simple and can be done in a matter of minutes. Sometimes we needed to accommodate

lsu-beach-volleyball-stadiumLSU beach volleyball gets Danley upgrade
Friday, 12 August 2022

USA - 2022 was one of Louisiana State University’s (LSU) most successful beach volleyball seasons in programme history. With 27 regular season wins and 32 overall wins, both school records, LSU had five pairs earn AVCA honours and one player – Melia Lindner, became LSU’s first beach Elite 90 Award winner.
These winning ways weren’t just on the court – they include the courts. Over the past few years, LSU has completed major upgrades unveiling a new beach volleyball venue in the heart of campus in 2019.
The new stadium, formerly a tennis facility, features six competition courts with 24-inch-deep sand. The facility also features energy efficient LED lighting, seating capacity for 450 spectators, new scoreboard, and a brand new Danley Sound Labs system.
“Over the years, many of our facilities have received upgrades or we’ve needed to replace systems,” said Terrance Bold, director of audio and visual services at LSU. “This installation was new unlike those prior projects.”
The design of the new system was completed by AJP Consulting and Sound Advice from Baton Rouge, Louisiana completed the installation.
Danley Sound Labs western sales manager Kim Comeaux was also involved in the project. “Danley SH96HO and GO2-8CX loudspeakers were the perfect choice for this installation,” said Comeaux. “We also used Danley TH412 subwoofers for the low end of the system. Just like all of the Danley Sound Labs’ systems on campus, this one brings an appropriate ‘punch’ to their sound and really creates a festive environment

lollapalooza-2022Elation keeps the beat on Lollapalooza Perry’s Stage
Thursday, 11 August 2022

USA - It’s been a busy year for lighting and production designer Chris Lisle and his company CLLD. The production design firm recently wrapped up work on Lollapalooza, their sixth major event back-to-back, and turned to an Elation rig, including Proteus series IP65 luminaires, to light the festival’s popular Perry’s Stage.
“Weather is one of the biggest factors we face on a festival and if I can predominately get IP65 fixtures in a rig I have a better guarantee that they’ll be working day after day,” Lisle stated. But, he adds, it’s not all about the IP rating. “I also want something with a feature set that I know LDs will like - solid colours, a good gobo package, nice strobe, fast fixtures - something I know they will be happy with, can clone quickly and then are good to go.”
Flanked by a towering skyline and the shores of Lake Michigan, this year’s festival took place 28-31 July in Chicago, its permanent home since 2005. Produced by C3 Presents, some 100,000 revellers filled Grant Park each day for a celebration of live music across nine stages.
Lollapalooza 2022 was Lisle’s fourth year working the event and CLLD fulfilled several roles. On the festival’s two main stages, Lisle and his team worked with headliners to mesh each act’s touring rig with a festival lighting plot that CLLD had created earlier in the year (one used on several festivals that C3 produces this year). For EDM and dance music fans however, the Perry’s Stage is where the action is and here Lisle served as production designer, developing the entire

claypakykanygarcia1Claypaky Sharpy Plus lights Kany García in Caracas
Thursday, 11 August 2022

Venezuela - Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Kany García visited Caracas, Venezuela, for the first time where she played two shows in the Ríos Reina Hall of the Teresa Carreño Theater. Production manager Jorge ‘Mosquito’ Redondo of Caracas-based OZ Shows selected Claypaky Sharpy Plus fixtures for the concerts, which were provided by Touch Me Marketing in Caracas.
García, whose songs tell the stories of 21st century women through reflective lyrics and expressive performances, is a five-time Latin Grammy winner. She partnered with AGTE Live Entertainment and Conecciones Entertainment to deliver a show that made such a hit with fans that she plans a return visit to Venezuela this fall.
The initial design for García’s Caracas show came from the artist, her lighting designer Will Rivera of WRDesigner in San Juan, Puerto Rico and the design and technical teams at OZ Shows led by Jeremy Danis and Redondo. The original plan was then adapted by OZ Shows to best suit Ríos Reina Hall.
“Kany’s lighting designer, Will, created a design in which the lighting was very well distributed and thought out to deliver the journey of emotions the artist wanted to take with her fans,” says Jeremy Danis, technical director at OZ Shows.
“We decided to include Sharpy Plus in the rig for its versatility and its truly hybrid kit with CMY colours so vivid they could only be achieved with their kit model,” Danis explains.
“The performance of the luminaires was extraordinary. Colours, gobos and optics are incredible on this Claypaky fixture, and

montrealinternationaljazzfestivalMontréal Jazz Festival roars back with Meyer
Thursday, 11 August 2022

Canada - The Montréal International Jazz Festival roared back to life in 2022, reinforcing its distinction as the largest jazz festival in the world. With 350 concerts scheduled over 10 days - two-thirds of them free - the festival once again drew audiences numbering in the hundreds of thousands to downtown Montréal, where AVL supplier Solotech had equipped eight indoor and outdoor stages - including the Scène TD main stage - with Meyer Sound reinforcement systems.
The resounding success of audio at this year’s festival can be credited to the work of festival technical coordinator Dan Meier and his team from L’Equipe Spectra. Meyer Sound and Solotech worked closely with Meier and his team to develop and deploy the sonic experiences at the festival.
The enthusiastic response came as no surprise to director of R&D and technological solutions David Brazeau, who was responsible for overall supervision of AVL systems on behalf of Solotech. “We’ve heard only great reviews on the performances from people who were there and from the media. There was no particular mention of the sound, but then the whole idea is to make the reinforcement transparent, so it’s not noticed. When the sound is perfect you don’t hear anything about it.”
The Scène TD stage system comprised main front arrays of nine per side Leo linear line array loudspeakers, with focused low end from end-fire arrays of six per side 1100‑LFC low-frequency control elements. Front-fills were Mica line array loudspeakers, with MSL-4 loudspeakers as out-fills. First delay was tw

creativeCreative Technology expands Middle East team
Thursday, 11 August 2022

UAE - Creative Technology has appointed Jemma Joy as head of operations. Over 20 years, Jemma has been involved in many projects including EXPO2020 Dubai, Qasr Al Hosn, Laureus World Sports Awards, Dubai World Cup, and Volvo Ocean Race.
Jemma comments, “I have worked alongside CT on some of the region’s biggest and technically advanced shows in the past and I am delighted to now be part of the CTME team.”
The company has also appointed two new project managers, Croft Clinton and Bhans Sheomangal.
Croft has worked alongside top event and production companies in the UAE as well as having a strong passion to deliver high quality events that exceed a client’s expectation.
Bhans has over 14 years of experience throughout the Middle East and Africa. He has extensive knowledge in production and is responsible for providing AV technical management across various events.
“We are excited to be building the team with highly skilled and well-respected industry professionals who will further strengthen our core areas across the business,” says Andy Reardon, managing director ME.

gentsefeesten2Chauvet shines throughout Gentse Feesten
Thursday, 11 August 2022

Belgium - The 177th edition of Gentse Feesten drew some 1.6m visitors to the port city of Ghent over 10 days in July.
More than 3,000 different acts, both local and global, representing a wide range of music genres, performed at 14 different city squares at Gentse Feesten. Helping Ghent glitter throughout the festival while also supporting the artists on stage was an impressive collection of Chauvet Professional fixtures and video panels, including the new Color STRIKE M.
At the main stage on Sint-Baafsplein, the Euro P.A. team put together a power-packed rig that featured eight Color STRIKE M fixtures and eight STRIKE 1 blinders, as well as 24 Maverick MK2 Wash and 16 Maverick MK2 Spot units. Run with a ChamSys MagicQ MQ500M Stadium console, this collection of fixtures delivered searing intense looks with generous servings of audience lighting along with aerial effects that played off beautifully against the historic church steeple for artists like Cookies And Cream, Tessa Dixon, Metejoor and Sandra Kim.
A short distance down the Belforstraat from Sint-Baafsplein, the big Trefpunt stage at Sint Jacobs played host to a wide range of folk and rock performers, under lightshows created with Rogue R3 Wash and Outcast 1 BeamWash fixtures run with a ChamSys MagicQ MQ500M Stadium, all thanks to Deltarent.
Among the more picturesque settings at the festival was Polé Pole where EBS and HMA Design deployed 16 STRIKE P38 high output single pod warm white fixtures to outline the edges of a stage on the banks of the Graslei that welcomed acts like the Be

innovationAbsen Polaris takes centre stage at NWG festival
Thursday, 11 August 2022

UK - Absen’s versatile Polaris series of rental LED displays supplied visual flair for the recent NWG Innovation Festival, which returned to Newcastle Racecourse (UK) after a two-year hiatus.
Organised by Northumbrian Water Group (NWG), the 2022 NWG Innovation Festival featured live music, comedy, tech demos and wellbeing events, as well as design sprints, hacks, workshops and activities aimed at solving difficult problems around topics such as climate change, cyber-security and water scarcity. The theme for this year’s festival, which took place from 12 to 15 July, was ‘Untapped Potential’ and focused on bringing together untapped talent from different sectors, backgrounds and locations.
For NWG Innovation Festival 2022, Sam Gordon, director of Big Purple Group (Big Purple Productions/Big Purple Events), specified the Polaris LED panels in two configurations: two PL4.8 displays were used on either side of the (indoor) main stage, while one PL3.9 was deployed outside and displayed rolling social-media coverage of the event.
Like the rest of the Polaris range, the PL4.8 and PL3.9, which were configured as 4 × 2m screens, offer high contrast, brightness and colour uniformity, supported by technologies such as HDR10 and UltraBlack, while the PL series’ integrated curve connection block system allows for high levels of alignment accuracy in both flat and curved (from -7.5° convex to +10° convex) configurations. With a panel weight of just 14kg – 10% lighter than conventional rental displays – and an automatic vertical locking system, Po

martinaudioopendaysMartin Audio extends open day programme
Thursday, 11 August 2022

UK - Martin Audio’s programme of biannual open days - designed to coincide with the busy spring and end of summer exhibition seasons - is set to continue over three days this September (6-8).
This year they have expanded the mix to incorporate three other brands from parent company Focusrite Group showcasing a portfolio of relevant products from Focusrite Pro, along with its start-up commercial audio brand, Optimal Audio and the recently acquired Linea Research.
Each brand will have its own dedicated presentation time, and in the case of Martin Audio visitors will again have the opportunity to hear the design theories behind ranges such as Adorn, CDD, Torus and Wavefront Precision, before getting to listen to them as they are put through their paces.
Another change this time around is that delegates only need to register for a day pass (rather than a session pass), giving them greater flexibility on what they want to take in.
MD Dom Harter states, “Our open day programme is a consistently evolving event and it makes sense to share the stage with our sister brands. We hope that anyone planning to visit London for the PLASA Show will also build this into their schedule as a follow-on showcase.”

80s-in-the-parkOllie Wilkinson gives ‘80s looks a modern touch
Wednesday, 10 August 2022

UK - Availing himself of lighting tools that would have been unimaginable in the 1980’s, Ollie Wilkinson, on behalf of Arranpaul Audio, created a continuous flow of evocative and colourful looks reminiscent of the big hair neon era for the recent Music In the Park festival in Leyland. “It was wonderful to be able to evoke ‘80s retro looks with modern LED technology,” he said. “We supported each band visually in a way that reflected the essence of their music.”
Helping Wilkinson create these looks were 22 Maverick MK2 Spot, and 16 Rogue R2 Wash fixtures from Chauvet Professional. Using various monochromatic palettes, he was able to award each band with their own distinctive ‘80s shimmer.
“Because I knew the music of each band so well, it was very enjoyable to come up with various unique looks for all of them on stage,” commented Wilkinson. “The combination of Maverick and Rogue allowed me to create volumes of eye candy during the shows, which ultimately succeeded in underlining the memorable songs and artists on stage.”
With the Mavericks and Rogues hung on three above-stage trussing structures, Wilkinson was able to create a juxtaposition between the front and back of the stage. While he used the majority at the Rogues at the back of the stage to provide a shower of colourful effects, he relied on the generous zoom range of the Mavericks positioned in the front to create a dazzling array of key lighting and aerial effects.
“When working on smaller festival stages I always try to create as much depth of field as

austrianThe Rolling Stones rock on with Austrian Audio
Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Europe - The Rolling Stones Sixty tour is utilising Austrian Audio microphones. On 15 July, The Stones rocked Vienna’s Ernst Happel Stadium. “It was an unbelievable experience,” says Austrian Audio’s CEO, Martin Seidl. “Of course, I’m probably The Stones’ biggest fan, so just seeing them live again was really cool. But hearing our mics on stage - that was unreal.”
That the concert took place in Austrian Audio’s hometown made it an even more unforgettable evening. “It doesn’t get bigger than this,” Seidl says.
For Sixty, Dave Natale, the front of house engineer, is working once again with The Stones to make sure their sound is as excellent as their fans expect. Natale is known for his work with Prince, Tina Turner, Stevie Nicks, Yes, Motley Crue, Fleetwood Mac, Van Halen, and many more A-list artists.
Natale specifically chose to use the OC18 and CC8 cardioid true condenser microphone for both the No Filter and Sixty tours. He messaged the Austrian Audio team about the mics from last year's No Filter, saying: “We love them. I really like the fact that they weigh a lot. They are a really nice piece of functional engineering artwork.”
Austrian Audio’s AR manager Walter Rührig states: “I’m more than excited to have seen the Stones live. It’s just really amazing to hear the technology in such a larger-than-life environment. We developed Austrian Audio’s signature Open Acoustics technology right here in Vienna, and now we’re hearing Steve Jordan playing the drums for The Stones through our CC8s. It’s just

matchesDante network adds flexibility to sports bar
Wednesday, 10 August 2022

UK - The new Matches Sports Bar, located 60 miles south of London, in Elwick Place in Ashford, opened its doors in the summer of 2021, and has been a live sports and entertainment destination hot spot ever since. Critical to the bar's rapid success was a sharp focus on designing and installing a very flexible, high-quality, easy-to-use sound system to deliver audio to Matches' large and small spaces for public and private events. The team developed a comprehensive networked audio system with a set of Dante-connected, multi-channel amplifiers at its core.
Matches owner, Jon Shephard, explained that the concept for the 250-capacity venue is to bring together all the best elements of bars he has visited into a single place, and create the ultimate sports bar experience with excellent AV entertainment that appeals to a wide range of sports enthusiasts. With this goal in mind, audio zoning is a critical factor for the multi-use, multi-space bar, allowing the control across the large central bar area, as well as private and semi-private spaces so the audio from various televised events and shows don’t conflict with each other.
For the main bar, Shephard wants to immerse patrons in a full AV experience with all the excitement of live sports at game time. But then after a match, he wants to turn up the music and keep the party going with excellent, high-quality sound and coverage. For the smaller spaces away from the main bar, Matches employees need complete audio system control to assure customers are part of the excitement but at a lower level, and be able to

vlgsk1Vari-Lite elevates live-streamed GSK event
Wednesday, 10 August 2022

UK – Events solutions provider Encore collaborated with lighting designer Simon Grant in June to elevate a live-streamed corporate event for global pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). Together, they specified 100 Vari-Lite VL5LED WASH luminaires from Signify to create on-brand colours and eye-catching effects.
The high CRI RGBALC Color System with SmartColor Control built-in to the VL5LED WASH was clear to see as a wide range of vivid colour options were used for the corporate event, which was broadcast live to GSK employees and attended in-person by 800 team members at the company’s London HQ.
The video team used a six-camera set-up to capture the seminar with three large LED screens rigged in the space, which were provided by Creative Technology. In the room, the audience sat in the round, with an OB truck standing by to live stream the seminar, supplied by NEP. The event was produced for GSK by the Visual Response agency, with creative aspects delivered by Toucan.
LD Simon Grant’s brief was that the event was all about the broadcast and fully lit for camera, and he was also tasked with being master draftsman for all the Vectorworks drawings for production. Grant says that he immediately knew that the VL5LED WASH, a modern update to the legendary VL5, was the right tool to light the job, and he was able to source them from fixture supplier Niclen UK with the help of Encore project technician Alex Knowles.
“I have always loved Vari-Lite, so when I discovered that the VL5LED WASH was available I jumped at the chance to use th

spring-studiosSpring Studios NYC installs Martin MAC Ultra
Wednesday, 10 August 2022

USA - To provide Spring Studios with versatile, high-output lighting for a myriad of events and productions, IMCD Lighting selected and installed Martin MAC Ultra Performance fixtures, provided by Christie Lites.
With studios in both New York City and London, Spring is a 360 agency that provides a variety of communications services for fashion, lifestyle and luxury brands. The New York studio is a multi-level space with a comprehensive backend for photoshoots, video productions and live events, attracting a diverse range of clients - including the Wall Street Journal, New York Fashion Week and the WNBA among others.
When the studio required new light fixtures with modern features and brightness that could compete with the sunlight from the studio’s massive windows, the Martin MAC Ultra Performance was chosen.
“At Spring Studios, we do anything from high-end corporate meetings like Goldman Sachs, Microsoft and Google to standard galas, parties, product releases and big weddings,” said Joe Hodge, designer, IMCD Lighting. “Having western-facing windows, the sun is always a major player in the space; flexibility, intensity, and consistency was always an issue with the stage lighting. Previously, we used Martin MAC Vipers followed by MAC Encores, but we wanted something with greater intensity to compete against the natural light. When I first saw the Ultra, I knew it would work perfectly in my venue.”
With up to 46,500 lumens in projection, a 1:7 zoom-range and an extensive feature package, the MAC Ultra Performance offers the output an

charles-carroll-engineerCRAS visits leading LA studios for students
Wednesday, 10 August 2022

USA - Recently, the Student Services Department of the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences travelled to southern California on behalf of its current and future students.
“We sent members of our staff to the greater Los Angeles area for the purpose of visiting studios and companies that CRAS has had long standing relationships with, and additionally open up new doors for future students and graduates,” explained Kirt Hamm, CRAS administrator. “These visits help place our students in their mandatory internships prior to graduation, and then open potential graduate job placement opportunities. All of this helps our current and future students get a leg up when positioning themselves near or after graduation in some of the industry’s best available pro audio environments.”
During the visit, CRAS staff met with personnel from Touring Video, VSI TV, Evergreen Studios, Outloud Audio, Little Big Room, Transported Audio, TV Pro Gear, Record Plant, Paramount Recording, APG, Sound Factory, East West, Shangri La, Studio Malibu, Internet Money, Remote Control Productions, The Village, and The Invisible Studios, West Hollywood.
“Some of the managers we had never met in person, even though we have had long lasting relationships with them,” said Rachel Ludeman, CRAS employment coordinator. “So, to put a face to the name has a huge impact. We always see it as incredibly beneficial to create a deeper connection with managers rather than just a phone call or an email exchange. Additionally, it shows care and genuine interest when the managers

plasa-showPLASA Show announces seminar and workshop programme
Tuesday, 9 August 2022

UK - PLASA Show has just announced its seminar and workshop programme which will run at Olympia London from 4-6 September. Sponsored by Vectorworks, the programme is packed with technical talks, creative presentations, and industry panels – each with a firm eye on the future of live events and entertainment.
Pre-registered visitors can take advantage of the free-to-attend programme across all three days of the show. The first wave of programme sessions is now available to view on the PLASA Show website. Read on for initial highlights:
Plenty of PLASA-hosted business sessions will run, helping you understand the latest legislation changes. These include EcoDesign and RoHS with PLASA and ETC, Stop changing channels; radio spectrum with BEIRG, Brexit update with PLASA and Live, and SIC codes: Government recognition and the viability of our sector with White Light and the Department for International Trade.
Creating an inclusive workforce with Hannah Eakins from Production Futures, Jas Parekh from Production Futures, Koy Neminathan from Avolites, Amy Kerr from Robe UK, Ollie Jeffrey from Royal Albert Hall, and programmer, arranger, and production manager Terry King. The panel will share thoughts on how the industry can attract diverse, young talent. Elsewhere, another panel will discuss Safety and security at large-scale events, particularly during this time of crew shortages.
Celebrating 20 years of TAIT Navigator, led by TAIT’s Jim Love. This session will present case studies from live entertainment spectaculars s

linearraytreeMartin Audio commits to plant 50,000 trees
Tuesday, 9 August 2022

UK - Martin Audio recently introduced a dedicated environment page to its website, detailing its approach to the climate emergency. Now they have taken that a step further, announcing the funding completion for planting 50,000 trees, plus an ongoing commitment to plant another new tree for every line array cabinet sold.
Managing director, Dom Harter, takes up the story: “As a global leader in the pro audio industry, and as part of the wider Focusrite Group, environmental sustainability is a major opportunity for us to demonstrate climate leadership and values, define good environmental practice, and benefit from an opportunity to meaningfully engage with our staff, customers, and the wider audio community. Working alongside Andy Land, head of sustainability for Focusrite Group, we have been outlining our approach and commencing the work.”
Land added, “Our approach to environmental sustainability extends to our complete operation, aiming to embed us within the circular economy. We believe the only way to make sure we’re doing the right thing is to look at our products in detail across the whole lifecycle, starting with production, then logistics, energy consumption and end of life treatment.
“It’s going to take time, but we’re aiming to map the life cycle of every product and through this detailed work, we’re starting to uncover the environmental hot spots in our products, and what we can do about it. The work involved will not only involve holistic sustainable design, but also packaging, energy efficiency and the headquarters buildin

gottelierPLASA Show 2022: Gottelier Award nominees announced
Tuesday, 9 August 2022

UK - This year’s Gottelier Award nominations have been announced, with voting now in process. Named in memory of renowned industry innovator and commentator Tony Gottelier, this special award recognises the invaluable contributions of the people behind the products.
LSi readers, registered PLASA Show visitors and PLASA members are eligible to vote for the Gottelier Award. The recipient of which will be announced during the PLASA Awards for Innovation ceremony at PLASA Show on Monday 5 September. The nominees for the 2022 Gottelier Award are:
David Edelstein – Managing Director of Triple E
David Edelstein, founder of Triple E, invented the Loose Pin Hinge in 1984 after spotting a huge gap in the market. The product went on to receive an ABTT Product of the Year award and has since inspired many imitations. David went on to design and launch UniTrack in 1988 which is now found in theatres, opera houses, cruise ships, and film studios around the world. Since then, Triple E has won five Product of the Year awards in the UK, as well as the Rigging Award for ChainTrack at LDI 2021. And since 1998, David has designed variable acoustic systems which are now staples of Triple E's product range.
JB Toby – Technical Director of Avolites
JB Toby joined Avolites in the late nineties and focused on developing the dimming range which put Avolites in a powerful position in the live touring market. In 1999, JB spearheaded a team and launched the Art 2000 dimming range which is now a well-known product in the live entertainment, film a


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