stgeorges-5Yamaha helps St George’s restore quality sound
Monday, 16 October 2017

UK - A Yamaha audio system has been specified for St George’s Cathedral in London.
Built in 1848, the cathedral’s architecture features high, vaulted ceilings, pillars, large leaded windows and expanses of smooth stonework, which all present challenges to effective sound reinforcement.
Cunnings Recording Associates were appointed to carry out a two-stage upgrade to the sound quality in the cathedral.
Daniel Cunnings of Cunnings Recording Associates says: “The cathedral had an ageing sound reinforcement system, but it had never been properly commissioned. No delays or EQ had been set up for any of the loudspeakers and there weren’t enough outputs available for the number of speakers.
“As well as services, the cathedral also hosts a range of other events, so there are microphone points throughout the building. The existing system was not easy to operate, so another intention behind the upgrade was to allow them to use their audio facilities to their fullest extent.”
For the first stage of the upgrade, the company replaced the existing audio processors and programmed the right amount of EQ and delay for each output to achieve an improved sound quality of spoken word. Daniel chose a Yamaha MRX7-D and two MTX3 matrix processors, with a DCP1V4S control panel located discreetly in the cathedral sacristy.
“We looked at all available options, but the Yamaha solution was the only one that could provide the range of inputs and outputs we needed. The cathedral wanted the system to be as simple as possible to operate, so the MRX7-

harmanHarman solution for Vietnam’s Central Circus
Monday, 16 October 2017

Vietnam - Ba Sao Investment recently installed a complete audio system by Harman Professional Solutions at the Central Circus Theatre, the oldest circus in Vietnam.
In order to enhance the facility’s sound quality and provide a more immersive performances experience for audiences, the theatre hired Ba Sao Investment to update the facility’s aging audio system with a cutting-edge integrated audio solution. Ba Sao Investment selected a Harman audio solution made up of JBL speakers, Crown amps, dbx signal processors and Soundcraft digital mixing consoles.
“One key requirement of the audio system was that it needed to be powerful enough to cover our theatre’s needs, and portable enough to suit our touring needs,” said Mr.Lê Quang Tuyến, vice president of Central Circus Theatre. “Ba Sao Investment worked closely with Harman to provide us with a customised solution that includes a combination of passive and active JBL speakers. The Harman system offers us a lot of flexibility, and is a huge improvement over the previous system in terms of overall sound quality.”
The system in the Central Circus Theatre consists of 12 JBL STX825 two-way speakers, six JBL STX828 dual 18-inch subwoofers, 18 JBL PRX715 two-way portable powered speakers, Crown MA5000 power amplifiers, Soundcraft Si Performer 2 digital mixing consoles and dbx DriveRack 260 speaker management systems.
“The Central Circus Theatre is thrilled with the Harman system we installed,” said Nguyen Khac Anh, CEO, Ba Sao Investment. “The JBL speakers provide excellent clari

proplexFelix Lighting stays on song with ProPlex
Monday, 16 October 2017

USA - Felix Lighting has significantly added to its rental inventory of ProPlex devices and cables.
In addition to its ProPlex IQ Two 1616 and 416 Nodes, Opto-Splitters, hundreds of Ethernet cables and ten runs of ProPlex Fibre cable, nine EZ-LANs form the heart of the California company’s state-of-the-art portable networking systems.
“ProPlex makes complex show networking easier and more reliable, and our lives easier,” says Ryan Herrera, VP of business development at Felix Lighting.
“ProPlex EZ-LAN is our answer for complex networking productions,” says Ryan. “We use it for our larger gigs, from the Hollywood Bowl to the Las Vegas Convention Centre, and beyond. For stadiums, festivals, or corporate ballrooms, we can run multiple networks – consoles, video, and ArtNet – over a single fibre run using EZ-LAN’s VLAN capabilities. A parallel fibre run provides simple, cost effective redundancy. We build the units into custom racks for each show and the learning curve for outside techs is extremely fast, thanks to EZ-LAN’s intuitive design. We’ve tried other solutions but EZ-LAN is a truly unique, turnkey tool.”
(Jim Evans)

ssl-network-i-o-rangeSSL shows Dante audio networks at AES
Monday, 16 October 2017

USA - Solid State Logic is introducing four new broadcast specification audio interfaces for Dante/AES67 audio networks at the forthcoming AES/NAB show in New York.
SSL is releasing the A16.D16, the A32, the D64 and the Dante PCIeR and the company’s entire Network I/O range will be available for demonstration at AES Hall Booth 522.
SSL’s Network I/O is a range of full broadcast specification interfaces that use Dante technology and AES67 transport to connect to AoIP network systems. The range includes SSL’s SuperAnalogueTM analogue circuit design with its superior audio performance mic/line, MADI, AES, and SDI interfaces.
The new Network I/O A16.D16 offers a combination of SSL’s renowned SuperAnalogueTM preamp design with its superior audio performance and AES3 digital I/O to Dante and AES67-based IP networks. It features 16 line inputs - four of which also have switchable mic circuits, 16 line outputs,16 digital I/O in 8 AES3 pairs, and four GPIOs. A16.D16 includes redundant network connections and PSUs.
The release of the A16.D16, the A32, the D64 and PCIeR brings the number of products in the Network I/O range to nine. Other units in the range provide MADI and SDI conversion and a range of Stageboxes. All units are available now.
(Jim Evans)

cadaclormanpreview1Cadac shows full CDC mix experience at AES
Monday, 16 October 2017

USA - Cadac is exhibiting its latest CDC six and CDC seven live sound production consoles, and MegaCOMMS ultra-high speed, high definition audio network platform at AES in New York.
The company is demonstrating two medium format single screen CDC six consoles and a larger format dual touchscreen CDC seven console, operating with the very latest CDC OS and running on the MegaCOMMS network via the CDC MC Router, on its booth.
Ron Lorman, the newly appointed director of operations for Cadac USA, has set up a live CDC six ‘mixing experience’ demo at Studio Instrument Rentals (SIR) on 520 West, 25th Street, NY. The desk will be driving a Funktion One EVO 7 for FOH PA experience and Genelec studio monitors for a control room experience. “Both set ups will provide an extraordinary and unique listening experience,” says Lorman.
The demo will run throughout the duration of the AES, including during the evenings after the show closes. Anyone who would like to demo the CDC six live at SIR should contact Ron Lorman, either on the AES booth #758 or email him at to arrange an appointment any time during the show.
Lorman will also be presenting Digital Console Performance and State of Live Audio at 5pm on the 19 October (day two of the expo), as part of the Live Sound Expo. Once this session has finished there is an open invitation to come and audition the CDC six at Studio Instrument Rentals (SIR).
(Jim Evans)

adlib-la-la-land-31-of-53Adlib dreams big with La La Land tour
Monday, 16 October 2017

UK - Liverpool-based rental and production company Adlib specified and supplied an L-Acoustics Kara sound system for the recent tour of Damien Chazelle’s multiple Academy Award-winning box office blockbusting movie La La Land - accompanied by a 51 piece orchestra who played the foot-tapping musical score live.
Adlib was working for Senbla’s Harvey Leslie as production manager & Kitty Stafford-Clark as producer, with a crew of four chiefed by Alan Harrison who was also the system tech, joined by Laurie Binns and Steph Fleming looking after the patch and monitor engineer Max Taylor. Also on the audio team was FOH engineer Arne Bock (working directly for the production.)
Kara was selected to deliver precision and detail, with the compact size and low weight of the speakers also key. The predictable frequency response of the Kara meant the system design for each room could optimise the audience experience and deliver maximum clarity and even tonality for both orchestra and the spoken dialogue from the movie soundtrack, despite some compromises that were necessary due to the screen position.
The two main PA hangs were 12 x Kara, with four Arcs II per side for in/out-fills, four Kara for stage lip-fills and two KS28 subs per side.
Having a central focus for the dialogue was vital and the front-fills were fed by a separate mix from the DiGiCo SD10 FOH console to allow extra dialogue to the front half of the audience to counter the acoustic sound of the orchestra as well as to boost their ability to focus sound in relation to the screen

robe-the-voice-south-africa-2017-1o3a5484Robe finds another Voice in South Africa
Monday, 16 October 2017

South Africa - Robe was the moving light of choice for the second season of The Voice South Africa.
Multi-Media were again appointed as technical production company by TV producers AMPN, with Joshua Cutts of Visual Frontier once again appointed as lighting designer.
The show, aired on M-Net, moved from a 500-capacity studio to the 3000-seater Mosaiek Teatro in Fairland, Johannesburg, prompting series director Darren Hayward to “go for it” with more drama and excitement.
Josh specified over 200 Robe fixtures across the series, a package co-ordinated by Multi-Media’s Chris Delancey. As well as lighting the artists, stage and set, Josh paid a lot of attention to the audience lighting, for which he adopted a subtle EDM-style approach.
Lights were rigged on a set of ‘finger’ trusses running upstage / downstage, fanning out from the centre, facilitating a fantastic dynamic range for the focus positions.
24 LEDBeam 1000s were among the first fixtures to be placed on the rig as he drew up the plot, dotted around the fingers, their immense power zapped to create primary beam-work above the space and rich colour washes sweeping across the stage.
With the scale of the room more prominent this year and all the long shots reminding people of the large and enthusiastic audiences, he upped the BMFL count to 12 BMFL Blades, all used from key and front lighting plus a range of specials.
In the upstage filler positions 18 x Pointes were distributed around the fingers, working closely with 24 x miniPointes on the floor, and

survivor-finale-2017game-changers2Elation LED in Survivor Game Changers finale
Monday, 16 October 2017

USA - Lighting designer Victor Fable turned to new generation LED fixtures from Elation Professional for the season finale of Survivor: Game Changers.
“We wanted to move to more LED and try something different without taking away the success of past live shows,” said Fable, who has traditionally used a profusion of discharge lamp fixtures on Survivor finales. “We wanted to see how much could be rolled over to LED and see how much more bang we could get with the extra fixtures it allowed us to use.”
“It’s the most LED we’ve had on a Survivor show,” Fable added. “The show looked as good as ever and the client was very happy.”
The rig consisted of over 250 lighting fixtures, including 80 Fuze Wash Z120, 26 Fuze Wash Z350, 40 Colour Chorus 12, 10 Colour Chorus 48 and 16 Satura Spot LED Pro, all Elation LED fixtures, along with Elation Platinum SBX and FLX hybrid luminaires and other lights.
Fable worked with Fuze series fixtures before but says the Survivor: Game Changers finale was a good opportunity to replace the VL5s he normally uses. His search for a new colour-changing wash light with unique on-camera aesthetics yet one that was LED-based ended when he found the Fuze Wash Z120 and Fuze Wash Z350.
“I had given up on finding a light that had the same characteristics as a VL5, which has been a cornerstone of countless shows,” he says. “That changed when I was introduced to the Fuze. The first thing that attracted me to it was how it softly diffuses light. It fills all the roles for m

paulhattCS Audio backs Björk with KLANG:technologies
Monday, 16 October 2017

UK - Paul Hatt’s sound hire and production company CS Audio has been supporting the Icelandic singer Björk, using KLANG:technologies’ 3D personal monitor mixing system for the string section at the headline festival shows in Mexico City, Los Angeles and Japan.
The KLANG:technologies system was specified by Hatt after he’d used it with Massive Attack in Hyde Park for the same purpose, but it also caught the eye of the production manager who also worked on both shows. He asked Hatt about the system’s availability, having been suitably impressed the first time it was used.
Hatt explained the set-up, “This time the KLANG was connected via the MADI on the DiGiCo SD8 console, quick and easy to set up, we were up and running in no time without any issues. I sent groups of each string section, playback mixes, click, vocal and of course themselves to allow each musician to quickly achieve what they needed to hear. The KLANG outputs fed a Shure hard-wired IEM mounted on each music stand, along with a tablet for the wireless control.
“One of the virtues of the system is its simplicity in set-up and the short learning curve for the musicians,” continued Hatt. “It’s a simple, intuitive application and a quick demonstration was all that was needed to get them up and running, allowing me more time to concentrate on the artist.
“The response from the musicians has been positive wherever we go, it’s a really useful product and delivers a great solution for wireless personal mix control,” said Hatt. “The 3D processing is pretty amazin

jesus-christ-superstar-at-regentocoes-park-open-air-theatre-photo-johan-perssonAutograph upgrades to full MLA for ‘Superstar’
Monday, 16 October 2017

UK - Autograph Sound designer Nick Lidster specified Martin Audio MLA Mini for the 2017 summer season of Jesus Christ Superstar at Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre.
Having used a Martin Audio MLA Compact PA rig for the 2016 production, Lidster decided to change the system while auditioning the MLA Mini at a Leo Sayer concert.
“After last season finished, I looked at what I needed to do by way of streamlining, and after hearing MLA Mini I knew it would be perfect for the centre cluster,” he said.
Supported by Martin Audio’s Nigel Meddemmen, six elements of the MLA Mini were centrally deployed and at the same time Nick Lidster chose to fly the main line array higher than previously. “I wanted to focus the sound down - to ensure we got all the energy into the bowl-shaped auditorium, and at the same time minimise the spill over the back and into the Park. That’s what I felt was needed, and the lower bowl area sounded so much better as a result.”
He added: “I needed to be able to steer it towards the front of the auditorium … to around half way back where the main PA takes over.” He could also see from the Leo Sayer experience the wisdom of having all components from within one family, particularly with MLA’s controllability.
“In fact, some of the story-telling became clearer,” he said. “It was dynamic without being loud, and in Gethsemane, for instance, [with the sound imaging] Jesus is brought right into the lap of the audience.”
There were other benefits of MLA Mini, as experienced by this year’s

britishmusicexperience01DJ Willrich and Bose back British Music Experience
Monday, 16 October 2017

UK - DJ Willrich (DJW) and its client The British Music Experience chose Bose Professional to take audiences on an immersive musical experience at the Cunard Building in Liverpool.
Specified for the exhibition that celebrates over 70 years of British music, the system had to 'transport' audiences on a seamless musical journey through eight eras housed within the Grade II listed building.
The eras stand adjacent to each other in zones in an area featuring hard surfaces, which required the best possible solution for sound bleed. It was agreed that carpets and sound absorbing ceiling rafts would be fitted to allow installation of 32 FreeSpace DS 16F loud speakers, which deliver an uncompromised coverage of targeted sounds across each of the eight zones.
The Bose system is driven by PowerMatch amplifiers which offer concert quality, scalable sound. Configured with PowerMatch Dante network cards and ControlSpace ESP audio processors, the robust audio solution also gives the ease and flexibility for additional inputs to be routed through the system for special events or workshops.
Thus, as well as delivering a complete, immersive experience to the exhibition itself, Bose FreeSpace 40SE speakers in all public areas guarantee quality acoustics in every space, achieving a full solution which is both an ultimate performer and event.
(Jim Evans)

sanecoreSanecore to distribute Proel Axiom in China
Friday, 13 October 2017

China - Proel has partnered with Sanecore Limited for distribution of its Axiom professional loudspeaker brand in China.
The appointment was marked by a two-day seminar and product demonstration presented by Axiom sales engineer Daniele Massaccesi with about 60 guest companies able to experience the features and performance of AX2010A powered line arrays, AX800A compact powered line arrays, and the new AX12C column array.
Axiom export area manager Gabriella Di Giminiani commented: "We feel very grateful and confident about this new cooperation with such an important and well recognised company. China is a strategic and relevant market and we are sure that thanks to our new partners the Axiom brand is gaining the appreciation and success it deserves.”
Founded in Hong Kong in 1987, Sanecore was one of the first members of IAG Group, the region's largest producer of consumer and professional audio products, and has since developed into a large-scale company in the professional audio market.
(Jim Evans)

kraig-knightelationElation strengthens US sales team
Friday, 13 October 2017

USA - Kraig Knight and Joe Adams have joined Elation Professional’s growing sales team as regional sales representatives. Kraig and Joe come to Elation from manufacturers rep firm Professional Sound and Lighting Products (PSLP), where they represented Elation products for years.
Kraig Knight serves as Elation’s new regional sales representative for the Rocky Mountain region while Joe Adams covers Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. Kraig and Joe bring years of valuable industry experience with them, as well as a thorough knowledge of Elation’s product range. Both started in their new position on 1 October.
Kraig is a 28-year veteran of the lighting industry with the last 21 years spent at PSLP, where he served as president since 2013, managing the company’s outside sales staff along with the day to day operations of the business.
Joe began in the lighting industry in 1998 with an installation company before starting at PSLP as a lighting rep in 2004.
(Jim Evans)

art100001-1Prolight Concepts Group enjoys “busiest PLASA”
Friday, 13 October 2017

UK - The Prolight Concepts Group has been enjoying “a super exciting and busy year” following the release of its new 2017/18 catalogue and showcasing its full product portfolio at its busiest PLASA Show to date.
“Not only has our 21st year seen the publication of our first comprehensive printed catalogue in several years, but we have also released an astonishing amount of exciting new products for the entertainment, professional installation, architectural and leisure markets,” reports the company. “This long-standing show has been in the limelight for 40 years now, giving us a great platform to showcase our innovative products. Speaking of innovate products, our eLumen8 LED Tour Batten TW was featured in the Innovation Gallery during the PLASA Show, and was entered into the PLASA Awards for Innovation
“The footfall on our stand for all three days was phenomenal, and we can say that this has been the biggest and best PLASA Show ever for ourselves, which is important as a leading company in the industry.
“We went for a more relaxed look and feel on our stand this year, allowing our team to interact with potential and current customers. This was the first chance for people to see many of our newest products in action including the eLumen8 LED Tour Batten TW and Evora 1000 Spot Moving Head, LEDJ QB1 Battery Uplighters, Dancefloors, Event Spot Series, Rubix and COB fixtures along with our latest offerings from Global Truss including the GT Stage Deck. We also took along the Kuzar lifters which we have recently added to our portfolio and ha

join-the-journey-2Bandit backs Join the Journey gathering
Friday, 13 October 2017

USA - More than 82,000 individuals and corporate donors gave to the University of Tennessee’s 1.1 billion dollar Join the Journey campaign, which focuses on making the overall cost of earning a degree more affordable, with funds going towards undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, faculty support, athletics and other university initiatives.
Bandit Lites was honoured to donate the lighting for the sophisticated soiree, which culminated with a private event at the Knoxville Convention Centre. On campus, LED Light cubes gave each individual college programme a modern and fresh look to highlight aspects of the school along the concourse, from nursing students with lifelike babies to law students holding court with judges and juries selected from the audience.
Additional lighting was provided for a small reception honouring Peyton Manning, with an elegant, traditional stage wash and up lighting from Freedom pars. The Hall of Famer and UT Communications graduate made remarks to the school’s biggest donors in addition to receiving an award of distinction. For the celebratory dinner, Beth Gladden, the Head of Special Events for the university trusted Bandit’s director of philanthropy and production designer, Allison Burchett, with creating a unique look for the space.
Building on Gladden’s original idea of video panels in the ceiling, Burchett recommended illuminating Spandex shapes with different colours and patterns. “Once we got the structure in the air, she just said, ‘Yes! That’s what I’m talking about!’ And I knew

alconsjurlights-dancevalley-2017--i-am-photography-1Alcons enables Jurlights to realise its vision
Friday, 13 October 2017

The Netherlands - Although Alcons Audio’s pro-ribbon systems have steadily established themselves as solutions for cinema, home theatre and medium-sized live events, there have been doubts in the pro audio industry that the technology would be suitable for larger events and festivals. But the company’s latest LR28 and LR18 systems have won many fans, including major event production company Jurlights.
"The promoters were so impressed with the LR28/LR18 system at the early soundchecks, they booked it for 2018 on the spot," says Jurlights founder Jurjen ‘Jur’ Hesseling. This is some compliment for a system that was making one of its first live outings - on the Main Stage of Dance Valley (aka the ‘Woodstock of Dance’) at Spaarnwoude in the Netherlands.
A major presence in the European event market, the passion that Jurlights puts into its productions is matched by Alcons’ approach to its products, so it’s perhaps unsurprising that a close relationship has developed between the companies.
"We like the best people and the best equipment because of the talent, passion and dedication that drives them," says Jur. "We put our heart and soul into production and Alcons does the same with sound. Neither company wants to do things down to a price, we both want our clients to go ‘Wow!’"
This was certainly the case at Dance Valley, where the main and delay systems comprised 48 LR28s plus 40 BC543 cardioid subs. 60 LR18s were used for front-fills, out-fills and delays, with VR12 mid-size versatile monitors and BQ211 compact, high-output su

robe-lady-gaga-3798-photo--steve-jenningsRobe helps create illusion for Lady Gaga tour
Friday, 13 October 2017

USA - Over 200 Robe lighting fixtures supplied by Solotech are on the rig of Lady Gaga’s Joanne world tour.
With Gaga promising that lighting was going to be a “big thing” in her show, creative director LeRoy Bennett’s brief included set, lighting and visual design, with custom video playback material produced by Madison Vine. A staple of the show are three flying bridges that descend from the three 45ft long pods in the roof above the audience, creating a pathway below, flopping sideways and transforming into projection screens.
This is designed to allow Gaga to embark on a physical journey across the venue, stopping at two satellite stages and the B stage adjacent to FOH, and engage close-up with different sections of audience throughout the set.
The journey ends on the B-Stage where she plays a heart-shaped Plexiglass covered piano with dichroic film. LeRoy’s design includes some cool laser effects working with the piano.
Bennett and his lighting director on the road Harry Forster required something to light the whole room, and chose 45 of Robe’s BMFL WashBeams to be the main workhorses of the lighting rig.
Eight BMFL WashBeams are positioned on a truss inside each of the three pods, which illuminate Gaga all the way to FOH. There are four more BMFL WashBeams on the perimeter truss which also provides positions for the 28 high-powered Barco projectors beaming images onto the pods and the moving bridge screens.
Another eight BMFL WashBeams are on the over-stage trusses, with nine on the floor below the upstage

specialzA Specialz word from Cate Carter
Friday, 13 October 2017

Europe - Cate Carter needs little introduction as one of busiest and most successful LDs over the last decade, with a long and illustrious portfolio featuring the likes of Editors and Ellie Goulding currently out on tour. Carter’s company, Bryte Design is a design production house run in conjunction with her business partner, lighting designer Mike Smith and visual producer Pablo Beckett. Even before the company’s inception, Carter had been employing the talents of Specialz to realise her design concepts.
“The ethos at the heart of Specialz is the company’s completely open nature to a designer’s ideas and concepts. Backed up by a breadth of experience, skill and, what could be best described as industry savvy, Dave and his team offer a unique service to us as a client.”
“I think it was back in 2011 when we needed to adapt a piece that we rented for an Elbow tour. It had originally been made by Specialz so, on a recommendation, we went back to them and they did a magnificent job creating a chandelier from the original set piece. Since then we have returned time and again with a wide variety of projects, from backdrops to bespoke lighting fixtures and the huge metallic fan set pieces currently gracing the Editors’ stage; they have never let us down.”
The fans of Editors have enjoyed a significant re-imagining since their initial construction, as Dave Smith explains, “We were originally commissioned to build six large fans. The intention was to use them for lighting effects with lamps positioned behind for rotating gobo-l

gypsyGypsy revival with Chauvet Professional
Friday, 13 October 2017

USA - America’s oldest continuously-running summer theatre, the Cape Playhouse in Dennis, MA, is staging of the Jule Styne-Stephen Sondheim-Arthur Laurents classic Gypsy, with a collection of Chauvet Professional Ovation fixtures lighting the show.
Supplied by Boston-based High Output, the lighting was taken to task by dramaturgical storyteller Zach Blane, who had to set up a Broadway scale production in only one 10-hour day.
“Lighting ,I>Gypsy is a tall order, doing it in one day is an even taller order!” said Blane. “I approached the tech process as I would a festival show (as far as time management is concerned). I sat down with director Michael Rader and choreographer Jason Sparks beforehand, and mapped out every beat of the show. I like to know what every second of the show should feel like, which inevitably manifests into what it should look like.”
Describing Gypsy as a “deceivingly intricate dramaturgical puzzle”, Blane explained how lighting helped convey the changes in the relationship between the plays protagonist and her mother over time. “The play spans decades, and it also operates as a ‘show within a show,’” he said. “I decided to utilise restraint in the early production numbers as to remain ‘period appropriate’.”
Blane credits the Ovation E-910FC ellipsoidals with helping him. He had eight of the RGBA-Lime colour mixing fixtures in his rig, all of them with 26° lenses. A pair of the Ovation fixtures with I-cue and auto-iris accessories dropped in were positioned over FOH and were used fo

iheartiHeartRadio Theatre NYC switches to L-Acoustics
Friday, 13 October 2017

USA - The iHeartRadio Theatre New York City is the ultimate ticket you can’t get. The Manhattan venue, the East Coast counterpart to the company’s flagship Los Angeles venue, regularly hosts a steady stream of A-list music artists, from Mary J Blige and Ed Sheeran to Muse and Blink-182.
When it was deemed that the theatre’s sound system was not up to par with the best touring systems used by top-notch artists, the decision was made to install a new L-Acoustics house loudspeaker system in the intimate, 200-seat space.
With tickets to shows reserved for iHeart’s own subscribers, the bands’ fan clubs and other exclusive channels, what those fortunate ticketholders experience is a close-up interaction with some of the best musicians in the world, standing on a stage that’s barely a foot off the floor, and sharing the show with millions who'll watch it streamed live through the iHeartRadio app and the more than 850 iHeartRadio stations throughout the country.
Since April, fans at the shows have now been hearing artists through an L-Acoustics sound system installed by See Factor, a leading New York rental and installed-sound provider specializing in live clubs and theatres. The new system comprises two hangs of three ARCS II speakers per side augmented by four KS28 subwoofers under the stage, all powered by three AVB-enabled LA12X amplified controllers. Three X15HiQ coaxial loudspeakers are used as a fill for the theatre’s raised VIP section.
The sound onstage is equally potent, with eight X12 and four X15HiQ loudspeakers used as monit

minack-highviewMinack Theatre goes digital with Soundcraft
Friday, 13 October 2017

UK - The Minack open-air theatre in Cornwall has recently upgraded to a Soundcraft Si Impact digital console supplied by reseller Stage Electrics.
The theatre is carved into the cliff face above the Atlantic Ocean. Located in Porthcurno and built in the 1930s to stage local performances, the venue is one of the most famous outdoor theatres today with a yearly audience of 80,000 and over 150,000 visitors attracted by its history.
For the 2017 season, theatre manager Phil Jackson and technical manager Simon Hutchings decided it was time to make the switch from analogue to digital for the in-house audio console.
Hutchings says: “We had been considering it for a while but at first but the costs seemed excessive for our needs and we were concerned about the longevity of a desk working in our challenging environment.”
But all that changed when they reviewed the Si Impact Digital Mixing Console, Soundcraft's latest Si Series console which features the FaderGlow system, 32 built-in mic inputs with a total capability of 80-inputs to mix, and iPad control.
“The overall quality feel of the desk, the fader layout and ease of customisation were all major plus points, along with the full DSP processing on each channel, and the fact there was also GEQ across all 31 output channels,” he adds.
Other benefits brought to the venue’s board operators its ability to recall a show from memory, “so we can run our storytelling shows with ease under a main show,” explains Hutchings.
He predicts incoming productions will start to use th

adamson-sonoslibra-oct17-hrAdamson adds distributor for Thailand
Thursday, 12 October 2017

Thailand - Adamson Systems Engineering has strengthened its foothold in Southeast Asia with the addition of Sonos Libra as its new Thai distributor.
 Sonos Libra managing partner Alfonso Martin says: “When we founded our own company, we thought very carefully about which brands to represent and found a very special partner in Adamson. These products have a truly pristine sonic signature that I’ve never heard in another premium loudspeaker brand.
 But while audio quality and premium performance were key criteria in Sonos Libra’s decision to adopt Adamson, Martin notes that they were far from the only considerations, emphasising the importance of education, strong customer support, and personal relationships in the Southeast Asian marketplace.
 “In addition to being technology-driven, we’ve found the team at Adamson to be very passionate, transparent, and trustworthy,” Martin continues. “They recognise the importance of support and education with all of their partners and users, and we know we can confidently service our market and customers with Adamson in our corner.”
 “We’re very happy to have Sonos Libra join the Adamson Network as our new distributor for Thailand,” comments James Ritter, Adamson’s sales manager for the Asia-Pacific territory. “Vanessa [Chompoo, managing partner] and Alfonso are highly respected in the pro audio community in Southeast Asia and we look forward to supporting them and their customers as we continue to develop this important and growing market.”
(Jim Evans)

david-boxallDavid Boxall wins technical innovation award
Thursday, 12 October 2017

UK - David Boxall is the first recipient of the Warren-Barnett Technical Innovation Award.
The Warren Barnett Technical Innovation Award, named after former ISCE Presidents Hayden Warren and Peter Barnett, was established to recognise the exceptional innovative talent within the ISCE membership and to acknowledge their contribution to the industry.
David Boxall was nominated by Peter Mapp to be the ideal first recipient of this new ISCE award.
Boxall said: "I am thrilled to receive this award – it was totally unexpected. It is a real honour to receive recognition for my work, especially as it is linked with Hayden Warren and Peter Barnett, both of who I knew well and held in such high esteem."
Boxall is the co-founder of Baldwin Boxall. His career in the PA industry spans more than 45 years during which he designed many innovative products ranging from 100V line amplifiers, hearing loop amplifiers, PA & VA, system surveillance monitoring units, automatic ambient noise sensing and level adjustment circuits to the latest digital signal processing and routeing units. He was also principal electronic design engineer at Millbank Electronics, having started out on his audio career path with Sound Diffusion and germanium transistors.
(Jim Evans)

jbl-new-zealandJBL VTX A12 makes debut in New Zealand
Thursday, 12 October 2017

New Zealand - Jands, the Harman Professional audio distributors in New Zealand, recently launched JBL’s new medium to large format line array at the ASB Theatre in Auckland.
The JBL VTX A12 is a dual 12" three-way line array element purpose-built for mid to large-size touring applications and high-end fixed installations.
“We wanted our guests to understand the philosophy behind the technology of the VTX A12 and then to experience first-hand the innovative new features such as the ease of set up due to the redesigned rigging system,” says Jands tour sound manager Tim Robertson. “We then gave each person the opportunity to conduct their own listening tests on the system.”
The listening tests had some varying responses from guests. “I've never tested anything so uniformly flat both on and off axis in the HF range, and they have heaps of detail there,” says sound engineer Chris Tait from College Hill Productions.
JBL have patented a rigging mechanism and redesigned the suspension system that has streamlined deployment and setup.
“The rigging is incredible – one of the fastest I’ve seen for a line array,” says Ray Ward of NZ Sound. “It looks like it could be a one-man job to bring the PA up and down. The coverage and sound of the A12’s were fantastic, much smoother than I thought they would be.”
“There has been fantastic interest with the VTX A12 locally and our aim is to have it added to technical riders in the New Zealand market,” concludes Tim Robertson. “The VTX A12 has appeared at numerous festiv


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