A large number of rooms were equipped with a total of 129 digital automatic mixers
Spain - More than 100 Audio-Technica ATDM-0604a SmartMixers were recently installed in several faculties at the University of Malaga, as part of a major project to allow the delivery of remote teaching alongside classroom attendance.
A large number of rooms were equipped with a total of 129 digital automatic mixers to ensure the University is able to engage in the “bimodal teaching” approach, and to meet contingency plans for situations where face-to-face activity is impossible in the future.
Malaga-based AV integrator Geniux has an established reputation in the educational market and was responsible for the entire project, which saw 38 ATDM-0604a SmartMixers installed in the Faculty of Psychology, 19 in the Faculty of Medicine, 23 in the Faculty of Law, 11 in the Faculty of Architecture and 38 in the Social Studies and Commerce Complex (CESC).
In addition to the ATDM-0604a mixers, the equipment in each of the classrooms includes a wide variety of audiovisual media, webcams and extensive connectivity to allow the development of teaching modalities. The ATDM-0604a was chosen as the ideal solution to reliably handle the complexity and flexibility requirements across the various faculties.
The ATDM-0604a offers six balanced inputs with switchable 48V phantom power, low-cut filter, phase inversion and four-band EQ. Input gain can be adjusted for each mic input and attenuation can be adjusted for the line inputs. Its selectable acoustic echo cancellation system applies to all balanced inputs, and there is also an unbalanced stereo input.
Geniux’s Jesús Calabria, responsible for the university project, says: "We opted for the ATDM-0604a because it offered us - in a very compact format - everything we needed for this application: the right number of inputs and outputs for the classroom, USB interface that allows the class to be delivered using any computer; the teachers can use their laptops, using the audiovisual infrastructure of the classroom.
“Most importantly, a very efficient echo cancellation system was required, allowing for extremely clear and clean audio. We looked at different options but only Audio-Technica offered us a very compact unit that fully met our needs. It was the optimum solution, with the price and features we really needed."
Audio-Technica's ATDM-0604 features SmartMixer technology, which automatically mixes the channels in gate or sharing mode, ensuring high quality sound without introducing feedback, excessive ambient noise or comb filtering, which is essential for such an application.
"Another advantage of using the ATDM-0604 is that it allows us to have a homogeneous solution for the entire university, greatly facilitating the maintenance of the system, the quick replacement of equipment, spare parts etc. In addition, the inclusion of the Web Remote functionality allows us to make all the adjustments and configurations from any computer or mobile device, simply and quickly," Calabria adds.

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