The Stage Profile Plus SV from Clay Paky: top-end features, silent operation and four-bladed beam-shaping capability make this a very useful tool.
Clay Paky has introduced a number of new products. The main news from the Italian manufacturer is the completion of its range of ‘Silent Version’ (SV) projectors, with the introduction of the Stage profile Plus SV - and the ‘basic’ version of this fixture, the Stage Profile 1200 SV.

Both units offer the very clever framing system - presented under the tag-line ‘A thousand frames of emotion’ - which allows triangles and quadrilaterals of all types and sizes to be formed, morphed and rotated through 90°. What the ‘Plus’ model offers in addition to this are features such as the FMI (Framed Moving Images) effect, the two combinable wheels of rotating gobos (4 + 4), linear variation frost, the effects disc with three prisms and light frost and CMY colour-mixing (the 1200 SV offers seven interchangeable colours plus white).

The combination of double rotating gobos, prism effects, CMY colour-mixing and beam-shaping facilities makes the powerful Plus SV unit a really impressive tool for lighting designers. Its low-noise design, along with its half-power/half-noise option, give added appeal for theatre, studio and presentation applications where the whirr of motors is a big turn-off.

Clay Paky has also introduced the CP Color 575 - an IP65-rated exterior architectural colour-changer, which is the latest addition to the CP Color range. This can be fitted with either HSD or MSR 575W lamps, and features 0-100% dimming, an optional revolving ovalising filter, frost filters and a diffusion filter which gives an 80° beam spread. It can be programmed from a DMX desk, but also has a number of pre-programmed chases for stand-alone mode.

Also new from Clay Paky is the Golden Spot 1200 effects projector and the Golden Color 1200 washlight, both moving head luminaires suitable for the more budget-conscious touring, theatre or club application. Finally, the 300W Color Wash, which offers seven colours plus white, and the latest addition to the Display Line - the VIP 1200, effective for throws of up to 50m.

(Lee Baldock)

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