Stavanger’s DNM Arena
Norway - Absen, has partnered with Czech sports software company, Goal Sport, to provide high-performance screens at the home of professional Norwegian ice hockey team, Stavanger Oilers.
The Stavanger Oilers, a team in Norway's top ice hockey division, the Fjordkraftligaen, sought to upgrade the outdated centre cube display at the DNM Arena, its home stadium and training ground in Stavanger. The arena, with a capacity of 4,500 spectators for ice hockey matches, and 6,000 for other events, needed a modern, visually appealing display to enhance the fan experience.
Goal Sport, an international AV integrator with expertise in LED screen technology, was tasked with delivering a turnkey installation for the new central visual display. The company chose LED manufacturer Absen to supply the screens for the project. The Absen K3 Plus was specified for its lightweight and flat design, flexible installation, and easy front and rear maintenance.
To maximise the impact, the screens were customised with a 3.9mm pixel pitch to provide a higher brightness and refresh rate for optimal visibility from all angles.
Goal Sport worked closely with Norwegian partners, VideoForce to upgrade the content management system for smart in-broadcasting and video officiating applications.
With four screens in total and installed in a convex design, each screen measures 6m x 7m, resulting in a striking 168m2 of LED. The centre cube provides a 20% larger surface area and edge-to-edge LED at a slight tilt of 2° for a sleek finish and clear view. To ensure the venue's versatility, the lower two meters of the centre cube can be dismantled to accommodate events with varying height requirements. This flexibility allows the arena to host a wide range of events, including music concerts, circuses, and indoor motocross, while still utilising the centre cube display.
In addition to the Absen screens, Goal Sport provided a complete software solution with venue control GS replay (video switcher and replays), GS Playout for graphics, GS timekeeper for ice hockey games, GS scoreboard, and an iOS app for game clock visualisation within the dressing rooms.
Dominik Pavlů, business development at Goal Sport: “We chose Absen for this project not only because of our long-standing relationship with its European team, but due to the exceptionally high standard of its products. We knew the result would exceed our expectations, and we and the team at the stadium are absolutely delighted to have enhanced the fan experience at the arena.”
"This was an exciting project for Absen to be involved in and was a testament to the capabilities of its products for varying applications, delivering outstanding results," explains Ross Burling, industry development director at Absen. "As an industry-leading global manufacturer with subsidiaries around the world, Absen is able to provide innovative and enlivening solutions for a wide range of sporting and stadium environments."

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