The award will be presented at the ABTT Christmas Party at the Gillian Lynne Theatre, London in December

UK - The ABTT is inviting nominations for its annual Stephen Joseph Award, as an ongoing tribute to Joseph’s contribution to our theatre culture. Designed to recognise innovative and inclusive theatre excellence in today’s British theatre, the 2024 Award is now open for entries.

The aim of the award is to celebrate the variety of ways contemporary theatre practitioners continue to break new ground in engaging their audiences. The award is open for submissions and a wide variety of practice is eligible - the ongoing work of a theatre company, a specific production, an individual theatre artist or director, or an innovative theatre building design. Submissions welcome from theatres large or small, long-established companies or emerging artists. Nominations accompanied by suitable evidence can easily be made by theatres, practitioners, or the general public.

In 2023, the Stephen Joseph Award was presented to New Vic Borderlines - the outreach team at the New Vic Theatre, Newcastle-under-Lyme for their longstanding and innovative approach to inclusive and developmental theatre, as well as the sheer range of work done to engage people in the area from disadvantaged or challenging backgrounds.

Susan Moffatt, Borderlines director said, “This award is an amazing recognition for the work we’ve been making through New Vic Borderlines for over 20 years. This is especially so, as our work stems directly from the ambition and inspiration of Stephen Joseph and Peter Cheeseman to reinvigorate theatre, making it accessible and relevant. Through our work, left out communities and unheard voices find a safe space to challenge pre-conceptions and make positive changes to their own lives and communities. We’re delighted and proud to have been awarded the Stephen Joseph Award and look forward to continuing to create innovative, inclusive theatre that truly does make a difference to society.”

Stephen Joseph was one of the most influential theatre practitioners of the last century. He was a founding father of the ABTT and the Society of Theatre Consultants. He promoted new writing, architectural standards and technical excellence, and pioneered theatre in the round and adaptable staging. At the heart of his practice lay the close and fundamental relationship between performer and audience. The award serves to honour this legacy and to celebrate the variety of ways contemporary theatre practitioners continue to break new ground in engaging their audiences.

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