The portfolio includes a choice of solutions to meet users' LED-based and traditional tungsten, HMI or fluorescent lighting needs
UK - A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) Ltd.'s dedicated new film & TV sales division will be showcasing the latest lighting, control, grip and associated technologies from leading brands in the company's extensive portfolio - including Chroma-Q, Jands, Fiilex, Mole-Richardson, Manfrotto, Avenger, Spotlight and LumenRadio - at the British Society of Cinematographers (BSC) Expo 2016 tradeshow, Battersea Evolution, London, on 29-30 January (stand 213).

Drawing on the company's many years of experience supplying to this sector, the new division was formed to offer a comprehensive one-stop inventory of lighting and related equipment solutions for film, television, studio and location applications. A.C. Film & TV's range of key brands - many of them exclusive to AC-ET in the UK - have been selected for their class-leading performance and expertise in this market. The portfolio includes a choice of solutions to meet users' LED-based and traditional tungsten, HMI or fluorescent lighting needs.

From Chroma-Q, the stand will feature the innovative new Space Force LED space light fixture. Recently joining the Chroma-Q 'Studio' range of lighting - which offers a choice of solutions in daylight, tungsten and variable white LED models - the Studio One 100 LED PAR features a fully homogenised output producing a smooth, uniform and defined beam - for above PAR performance.

A.C. Film & TV also provides a range of studio lighting & control solutions, including the multi award-winning Jands Stage CL console for extremely simple control of LED systems, and the award-winning Jands Vista console range for more sophisticated, multiple light source setups.

For location work, the Fiilex hard light source range utilises multiple colours of LEDs to produce a fuller spectrum than is traditionally experienced from single colour LED light sources.

For film lighting applications, Mole-Richardson have taken their vast experience in traditional tungsten-source Fresnels to create a range of LED-based models producing comparable outputs to their traditional tungsten source equivalents, yet consuming up to 80% less power. The brand's full range of traditional lighting models is also available.

A.C. Film & TV also offers an extensive catalogue of grip equipment, including Manfrotto's vast choice of lighting support solutions, and Avenger range of equipment meeting the strictest quality standards and performance criteria demanded by the cine market.

Also on show is a selection of products from Spotlight's range of high quality LED solutions.

In addition, the award-winning LumenRadio range of wireless DMX and RDM lighting control products will be showcased.

(Jim Evans)

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