The FocalPoint system is designed for standard and small venues, such as meeting rooms or breakout rooms
UK - A.C. Video, a division of A.C. Entertainment Technologies (AC-ET) Ltd, has been appointed as the exclusive UK distributor for Draper Projection Group's new StageScreen and FocalPoint projector screen solutions - bolstering the company's line-up of leading-brand complementary video system technologies.

AC-ET has been a reseller for Draper's popular Ultimate Folding Screen systems for three years, but following the introduction of the StageScreen and FocalPoint systems, Draper appointed the company as their exclusive distributor for these flagship product ranges, due to the A.C. Video division's specialist knowledge, expertise and infrastructure in place to support their brand.

Based in North America, Draper has been manufacturing quality projection screens since 1957. Well-known for their innovation and build quality, Draper produces a wide range of manual and motorised projection screens, projector and flat screen lifts, and portable screens. The screens are available in a choice of surface finishes for different applications, including matte white for front projection, and neutral or low gain grey for rear projection.

"Since the beginning of our relationship back in 2012, Draper has understood and respected the vast knowledge and experience of our dedicated video sales team," explains the division's technical sales executive, Stuart Burdett.

He continues: "AC-ET as a whole offers customers the very latest technological and practical solutions, to ensure that our clients remain at the top of their game. We're thrilled to have Draper's StageScreen and FocalPoint ranges exclusively available from us, as they perfectly complement our portfolio of leading video brands in each product category, as well as the numerous exclusive technologies available across the company's five sales divisions."

Draper's StageScreen system is created specifically to be flown, yet can also be used with legs. Either way, it is one of the strongest and most rigid screens on the market - enabling it to support sizes of up to 12.6m by 7.2m as standard, for very large 16:9 widescreen content projections, or much larger custom sizes can be made-to-order.

The FocalPoint system is designed for standard and small venues, such as meeting rooms or breakout rooms, and retains the modular frame construction that makes the StageScreen system so popular.

Due to all screen sizes utilising the same modular segments within their range, the FocalPoint and StageScreen systems enable AV rental customers to improve their return on investment by holding a common inventory of frame segments for each range, to build the screens.

"Having set up these Draper products myself, and listening to our customers' needs, I'm very confident that they will see the fantastic benefits of these two projector screen solutions", adds Stuart.

(Jim Evans)

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