Germany - Acoustic Development enjoyed a very successful Pro Light & Sound in Frankfurt, reporting orders totalling £250,000 received at the show.

"We look to the future with great enthusiasm and determination to develop our innovative technology into the absolute market leader within our industry," says the company. "Our designs gained a lot of attention at Frankfurt causing many strange looks and flashing of cameras. It seems many visitors including the competition were curious as to how we loaded 10 transducers into our AD2000LA which measures just 750 x 270 x 500mm.

"While our industry is very conservative our ground breaking developments can't be ignored. We are applying the laws of physics to real world audio solutions that are clearly the basis for a major shift in sound system design. We welcome the challenge and look forward to building on the foundation we have established for our company."

Acoustic Development's Recent clients include Doghouse, Nottingham. This Midlands venue ordered a full system FOH & Monitors - over 15Kw FOH with four discrete monitor mixes, four AD2000LA plus two AD1000S with AD48DX digital speaker management and four AD3000Q amplifiers FOH plus six AD1000M and AD1000NF with two AD3000Q amplifiers.

ACR a northern production company has ordered a full system controlled by Digico mixing consoles. Black Swan, Bradford is a mainstay of the Northern touring circuit and has upgraded with two AD2000LA, 1 x AD1000S, AD48DX and AD3000Q amplifiers FOH with six AD1000M floor monitors and AD3000Q amplifiers.

At PL&S Frankfurt, orders were received from clients in India, Lithuania, Holland, Vietnam and China.

(Jim Evans)

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