zactrack mini - a briefcase-sized tracking solution
USA - ACT Entertainment will showcase its new zactrack mini at InfoComm 2023 (Booth 3643). This briefcase-sized tracking solution offers easy transport and deployment for areas of 15x15m, by a single person. Designed to introduce tracking to new users and spaces, the zactrack mini is suitable for smaller venues, exhibitions and conferences, individual performers, rental companies, houses of worship and more.
“With zactrack’s core value of providing a quality user experience at the center of this design, the zactrack mini boasts a smaller form factor with battery operated components and wireless connectivity for an even faster and easier setup,” says Ryan Hindinger, market manager: concert touring & live experiences, ACT Entertainment.
“It is also a more economically viable solution, opening the act of tracking and following to any application, designer or performer. The kit comes with all tracking components and accessories, making it possible to take your portable, battery powered tracking solution anywhere in the world and get straight to work.”
At the heart of the zactrack mini is a master anchor, which offers multiple uses and can output DMX directly to fixtures with a single XLR cable. This simplifies the system for the user and removes the need for additional hardware utilised in other systems, such as the wireless access point, DMX node and network switches. Used as a standalone or integrated with an industry standard lighting console, zactrack mini allows designers and operators to maintain hands-on creative control.
Using ultra-wideband radio technologies, zactrack products can communicate through normal stage materials, such as truss, wood and cloth, or even in varied environmental conditions like rain, bright sunshine, fireworks, snow, haze and more. The use of a unified software suite allows users to learn one application and work with any of the zactrack products easily and intuitively.

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