Republica features a colonial style with chic explosions of colour, yet with delicate touches
Mexico - Elation Professional's Mexican partner, Adimsa, is involved in a large variety of projects throughout the course of a year and often turns to Elation products to fulfill the demand for dynamic lighting. Recently, dimsa has supplied Elation LED lighting fixtures to several top clubs in Mexico including Republica-DF in Mexico City and Press Club in Monterrey.

Last fall, Adimsa supplied and installed Elation LED lighting in one of the bustling city's newest hotspots, Republica club. The 800-capacity club, inspired by the old house design of the Republica age, features a colonial style with chic explosions of colour, yet with delicate touches. Architect Filipao Nunes designed the space with the interior concept completed by Javier Díaz Ceo from Fortuna Lab in cooperation with Adimsa. Adimsa's's Edson Rivera was responsible for the lighting design.

One of the club's outstanding design features is a dynamic pixel wall made up of Cuepix Panels, Elation's popular high-power colour square matrix blinders. Decorative graphical effects, multiple shades of colour and text run across the wall while Rayzor Beam 2R LED moving heads, lined on each side of the wall, add more movement and beam effects.

Mounted in the ceiling and surrounding each side of the dance floor are Elation Event Bars, 4-head white LED pinspots perfect for multiple colour looks and down-lighting. Each 3W head is individually controllable and dimmable for custom control. Energetic bursts of light come from powerful Protron LED Strobes while a pair of Antari Z1200 II fog machines provides atmospheric fog effects and mid-air projection haze. Lighting control is from an Elation Midicon DMX controller.

Republica DF isn't the only Republica club in Mexico to boast an Elation lighting package. Sister club Republica San Pedro in Monterey is also outfitted with Elation gear.

ADIMSA also supplied an Elation LED lighting package for Press Club in Monterrey, also with space design by Architect Filipao Nunes and lighting design by ADIMSA's Edson Rivera. The new, 1500-capacity club opened in fall 2014 with an inspiring atmosphere that lay somewhere between New York's meat packing district and Soho. The style is industrial chic - a mixture of velvet, leather and concrete with ceiling rafters, wooden floor and central social area. Working from an overhead rig is Elation Rayzor Q7 LED moving heads, Protron LED Strobes and E Spot LED II colour and gobo-changing moving heads. Fog effects are from Antari Z-1500 II foggers and Antari W-715X Fog Jets.

(Jim Evans)

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