UK - Germany-based Aimline will show the first models of its ALX-Series in Amsterdam, representing a new generation of digitally steerable column loudspeaker that can be integrated into existing networks using DANTE connectivity. Using DANTE, no audio signal conversion is necessary, allowing the audio to remain in the digital domain throughout.

The series consists of the ALX-8, which can be cascaded in up to six units in horizontal and vertical directions.

Main features include DANTE audio input and output, multibeam technology for horizontal and vertical beam control, strong SPL, analogue and digital inputs, networking-over-IP protocol, heavy-duty aluminium enclosure in a slim design.

The ALX-Series will be available in versions tailored for both the installation and rental markets.

Aimline, headed by Tobias Schulte, consists of a team of professional audio engineers and industry professionals based in Europe, who have founded the company based on practical, real-world experience.

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