The main focus this year will be on the production version of the CRMS Compact
The Netherlands - Dutch audio innovator Alcons Audio will be showcasing its latest pro-ribbon sound system innovations at the upcoming Integrated Systems Europe show in Amsterdam.

The joint-venture of InfoComm and CEDIA forms an appropriate platform for Alcons to display the wide portfolio of its evolutionary audio solutions: From high-power installed sound reinforcement all the way to the finest Home Theatre sound systems, all featuring the same 1:1 natural crystal-clear response, with low-distortion, very high SPL and wide and deep imaging.

On booth 6-N148, Alcons presents a selected choice of its point-source, point-source array, line-source and line-array sound systems, based around the company's patented Pro-Ribbon technology and its ongoing pursuit of audio perfection.

The main focus this year will be on the production version of the CRMSCompact; the Cinema Reference Monitor System is based on the continuing success of Alcons pro-ribbon systems in commercial cinemas across the globe, as used by Lucasfilm, Walt Disney, Berlinale Film Festival, Pathé, NBC Universal a.o.

Fitted with a completely new, patented-pending pro-ribbon mid-high frequency transducer, the CRMSC is focused on post-production studios, screening-rooms, residential home-cinemas - or any critical listening environment.

The RR12 point-source array has been developed as "building block" to create tight-packed arrays for razor-sharp controlled, seamless sound coverage in the widest variety of audience areas, where a line-array solution is not demanded.

The QR24 pro-ribbon line-source column is the solution in acoustically-challenging rooms. A full-range high SPL HiFi sound quality is delivered, with unparalleled speech intelligibility in even the most reverberant rooms, without the necessity of DSP-based beamsteering.

The LR7 micro pro-ribbon line-array is one of Alcons' most successful products; A system not wider than 3 CD's with the industry's best "size/weight-to-throw" ratio, suitable for A/V projects, where very compact form factor with perfect line-array projection and imaging are required.

The Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controllers are the drive engines behind the Alcons pro-ribbon sound systems. The proprietary-developed amplified processors offer 4-in/4-out, 192kHz AES/EBU digital inputs, Linux-based operation, full-colour touch-screen and encoder control and up to 10kW. True audiophile-grade amp stages. "These high-resolution drive engines significantly raise the bar in very high-output, high-end, hi-fi sound reproduction," says Alcons.

With Architect Colour Option, ACO any Alcons system can be ordered in more than 180 different RAL colours, allowing it to blend perfectly into the background against any type of décor.

(Jim Evans)

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