Laurs Pedersen, Martin Breinholt, Wouter van der Zande and Daniel Sand (photo: Louise Stickland)
Denmark - AllRound Lyd + Lys (Light & Sound) is a well-established rental company based in Struer, a key railway hub and home to radio and TV manufacturer, Bang & Olufsen. The company was started by owner Laurs Pedersen originally as a music tech enterprise which then grew and diversified into lighting, sound and now LED to meet client demand.
The company now has a successful 20-year history of supplying tours, concerts, events, and productions across multiple genres from touring to theatre, and recent investments include Robe LEDBeam 350s and Esprites.
The new kit was delivered just in time to assist with the explosion of live shows and events in Denmark over the summer due to the final lifting of Covid restrictions and the strong return of the market for in-person activities of all types.
Like many, Laurs and his team including head of lighting Martin Breinholt, and head of rental Daniel Sand, spent a lot of time – whilst they had it during the pandemic – to reflect and contemplate their next investments.
They wanted new fixtures that would cover large stages for summer tours and festivals and that would fit into their existing pre rigged truss sections (previously populated with the old moving lights).
“We needed an intense wash light and generally lots of output,” commented Martin, adding that they also consulted many designers, programmers, and techs before making the final decision. “These two Robe fixtures came up time and time again,” stated Martin.
The 36 x LEDBeam 350s and 25 x Esprites were delivered by Robe’s Danish distributor Light Partner, located just 40km away in Herning.
“Esprites are bright enough to cover festival stages nicely but quiet and refined enough to be utilised for theatre productions, so it’s a great choice for us given the current workflow,” says Martin.
These Esprites are the first LED profiles AllRound has owned, and it also aligns them with several other Danish rental companies which is great for cross rentals … although so far, the fixtures have been busy the entire time servicing their own projects.
As for the LEDBeam 350s, Martin loves the nice tight beam with no spillage, “It’s essential for theatre applications, but also for festivals not to have that unsightly sideways spread out from the optics,” he says, also appreciating the tight zoom.
Recent festivals serviced with the new Robes include Hede Rytmer in Silkeborg, Skive Festival and popular local event Haze Over Haarum.

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