The Almoe Crew: Bruno Vitanza, Nigel Fernandes, Prince Alphonso and Joel Timbol
UAE - Nicolaos M Kyvernitis Electronics Ent, the designated Shure distributor in the Middle East, has recently supplied UHF - R Wireless Technology to Almoe AV Production and Rentals, rental division of the Almoe Group of Companies.

UHF -R components acquired by Almoe include 10 UR4D+ wireless dual channel receiver units, five UR4S+ single channel receivers, 25 UR2 wireless handheld microphone transmitters with Beta 58A, twenty-five UR1 wireless body transmitters and 25 WL185 lavalier microphones.

Almoe AV Production and Rentals provides full audio-visual and production support services for conferences, events and exhibitions. Emerging as one of the leading AV Rental companies in the region, this division deploys state-of-the-art equipment, trained technical staff and the right creativity and imagination required for ensuring highly successful events.

"At Almoe, we pride ourselves in our dedication to quality, and the creative and professional service that we provide, and we always work hard to achieve our clients' vision. Thanks to our new UHF-R+ we can do the same but more efficiently," commented Bruno Vitanza, project engineer at Almoe Group of Companies.

"As part of the changes in the wireless regulations, we have seen the opportunity in upgrading from ULX-P to UHF - R. The system is able to cascade RF signal up to five units, which gives us up to 10ch of wireless with no antenna distribution involved. Another useful feature is the transmission power that we can push to 50mW, allowing us to use the system as audio signal distribution over fairly long distances. Moreover we love our stock of Shure KSM9 capsules, and we wanted to keep using them. Did I mention Workbench? I love to have all my wireless microphone data in one screen," added Mr Vitanza.

(Jim Evans)

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