Andrea Bocelli
Italy - Mods Art, the 1 Sound distributor in Italy, recently worked with Andrea Bocelli’s audio team to provide audio support for a private event in Italy. David Barbagli, who is a FOH/monitor engineer, currently working with Andrea Bocelli, Placido Domingo, and José Carreras, chose 1 Sound’s new Cannon C8 loudspeaker as Bocelli’s floor monitors for this live performance.
After hearing the Cannon C8 during sound check, Andrea Bocelli said: "Wow, such a big sound is coming out from such a small cube? I love it!", as he held the speaker in his hands. 1 Sound released the Cannon C8 last year, as the final loudspeaker to complete the Cannon Series of high-fidelity, pro-audio loudspeakers with extended low-end.
For this Andrea Bocelli performance, the Cannon C8s acted as floor monitors for pianist Carlo Bernini, flutist Andrea Griminelli, and singers, Ilaria Della Bidia and Andrea Bocelli. The audio team utilised the Cannon C-Clamp accessory for the speaker aiming.
“As a permanent part of Andrea Bocelli's audio engineer international team, I've had the chance to use a lot of different sound gear worldwide, with excellent results. But due to my experience with classic orchestras and opera singers, I am always pursuing perfection and I was happy to try the new 1 Sound C8 in monitor configuration for Andrea,” says David Barbagli, FOH/monitor engineer for Andrea Bocelli’s international team. “I have obtained an over-expected result. The Cannon C8's natural reproduction of the highs is amazing, as well as the bass deepness, so natural and not coloured with electronic artifacts.”

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