The contemporary booth design incorporated both the new Lyrae and Agame product lines (photo: Pavel Nemec)
Europe - Architectural LED lighting manufacturer Anolis - A Robe Business - enjoyed a busy and positive 2024 Light+Building expo in Frankfurt, launching two new product ranges - Lyrae and Agame plus the new iProMotion, an IP65-rated moving head effects and video projector, as well as showcasing its current flagship ranges of Calumma, Ambiane and Eminere.
The team enjoyed a steady flow of visitors across the four-day event, seeing people working across the many and ever-diversifying sectors of architecture and built environments.
Anolis considers Light+Building to be among the most important architectural lighting exhibitions in Europe, and arguably worldwide. “We wanted to be there for multiple reasons,” explained Anolis product manager Bruno Francois, “one being to expand our influence and presence, and also to emphasise the significance of the architectural sector in its own right with its own special requirements.”
He added that Anolis products are being constantly developed and supported in the architectural world with help from input related to the wishes and needs of end users - architects, lighting designers and contracting customers - all providing critical feedback that is helping to drive product development.
The slick, clean, contemporary booth design incorporated both the new Lyrae and Agame product lines, integrating them seamlessly into its structure, in the process illustrating their effectiveness in situ.
Gentle curves, rounded edges and three elegant arches on the booth followed the organic ergonomics of the new Lyrae and Agame fixtures contrasting with the striking Anolis logo which has followed recent rebranding.
The Anolis Team welcomed international visitors from all over Europe and further afield like Asia and Latin America, with Bruno commenting, “It was definitely busier than the 2022 Light+Building, and while there’s a way to go before we get back to pre-covid levels, we were very pleased with the event and with the quantity, quality and mix of attendees.”

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