The Netherlands - How to design the perfect audio solution in small & medium sized applications? Apart Audio has developed a digital tool to help and inspire every installer. There is no need any more to search for a product in a product catalogue. The new intuitive web based plug & play tool is starting from the customer needs and presents an entire audio solution for the specific customer requirements. Visit the Apart Audio website to experience it yourself. A high quality audio solution is designed in no time.

On the Apart website ( a Plug & Play section has been added where you can discover more than 50 audio solutions for the small and mid-sized fixed install market. It shows a variety of audio applications that gives the installer a quick answer on the following questions:

"Apart is aiming to become the installers' friend," says Geert Polfliet. "You will be convinced that this new online feature is an excellent installers' and sales tool for any audio installer. In just five simple steps, the digital Plug & Play guide helps the installer to make the right choice for each audio application.

"Furthermore it is now possible with the online Plug & Play, to have a pdf-file of each application emailed to you. This pdf contains all information of the chosen application and is a great document for the installer to explain his customer a good quality audio system."

(Jim Evans)

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