APS adds Elation Proteus and Smarty Hybrid
Friday, 11 January 2019
aps-logoAPS is based near Reading
UK - Alexander Production Services (APS) has strengthened its in-house stock of entertainment technology through delivery of Elation’s all-weather Proteus Hybrid moving head and multi-functional Smarty Hybrid moving head.
Located near Reading, with roots in the entertainment technology industry that go back to 1996, APS focuses on event management and power, lighting and sound supply for private and corporate customers, as well as architectural lighting.
“Because we do a lot of lighting work outside and within marquees, having high quality IP-rated lights is key to our success in delivering these types of installations,” says APS’s Richard Alexander. “With its exceptional power, IP rating and flexibility, the Proteus Hybrid will be invaluable for architectural and entertainment lighting, and we believe these fixtures will be attractive as part of our dry-hire stock to high-end third-party event companies for large entertainment venues.
“For example, we are often asked to light up buildings/objects where there is no immediately available power. The Proteus will allow us to illuminate these features from a considerable distance.” Alexander adds that they will also have application when supporting firework displays with other lighting effects.
Also added to APS inventory is the Smarty Hybrid, Elation’s compact and efficient CMY colour mixing hybrid moving head that APS plans to employ on high-end events and dry-hire projects, as well as architectural and even retail applications. “It is brand new, high-end and extremely versatile,” adds Alexander. “And being three lights in one, it allows us to offer a range of great effects from one light. This allows us to explore more exciting options for light shows.”
(Jim Evans)

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