Arcstream supplied a videowall, an interactive floor, and a fog screen
UK - Arcstream AV, specialist provider of interactive tech and special effects for events and permanent installations, supplied a range of cutting-edge technologies for the Pepsi Experiential Cube, part of the #LIVEFORNOW campaign, which was open to visitors from 5-9 March at Observation point on London's South Bank. Commissioned by DesignScene, Arcstream supplied a videowall, an interactive floor, and a fog screen.

The videowall was a 65" display behind frosted glass. The display showed a life-sized man trapped behind an ice wall. He appeared to bang against the ice when people approached, fading away back into the ice when they moved away. An infrared beam break sensor triggered a media server to run the content when people approached. A second IR beam break sensor reset the effect when visitors departed. Arcstream provided the hardware and software content.

The interactive floor resembled of a frozen lake surface, appearing to crack when people walked over it, to the sound of cracking ice. A projector and infrared camera tracked visitors' movements over the projected surface. Arcstream also installed a mirror on the adjacent wall to give the appearance of a continuing ice surface.

The final piece of tech that Arcstream supplied was the fog screen, producing a thin wall of water vapour on to which #LIVEFORNOW was projected in a cracked ice effect background.

"The Pepsi Experiential Cube was a really fun project to get involved in," explains Neil Dickinson, managing director of Arcstream. "The client wanted to give visitors a sense of intrigue and a raft of surprises. The team of Arcstream has used a huge range of talents and some great equipment to create an unforgettable experience."

(Jim Evans)

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