Arizona’s Orpheum re-opens with EAW
Wednesday, 22 September 2021
eaworpheum-theaterphoto-credit-molly-baker-mediaBack in business - Flagstaff’s Orpheum Theatre I Photo: Molly Baker Media
USA - When the COVID-19 pandemic first swept across the nation last year, Flagstaff’s Orpheum Theatre had no choice but to close its doors to the public. For audio production manager Scotty J., this meant not being able to showcase the venue’s new KF810P PA system from Eastern Acoustic Works (EAW).
While the Orpheum was closed, the theatre still produced some virtual events including about 25 webcasts during 2020 from its indoor stage with the new EAW system. The venue also created an outdoor space in the parking lot, which was first used for a two-day Halloween/Grateful Dead event last October.
Today, with some restrictions easing, Scotty J. is able to show off the new PA system as the Orpheum re-opens. Scotty J. chose the KF810P Line Array and SB818P Single 18-inch flyable subwoofers from EAW with the help of Sound Image, a full-service audio, video, theatrical lighting, control system, acoustic design and integration firm.
“Since we are a multipurpose music venue, we really needed a versatile PA that could handle all different genres of music that encompass various different decibel levels,” says Scotty. “Ben Davis from Sound Image was instrumental in helping us find the best system for our venue. We heard the EAW rig in a few different environments and it always sounded amazing. The acts/engineers that come through the venue know EAW, which added to my confidence in the brand.”
The new EAW PA system consists of 12 KF810P line arrays with six boxes on the left and right respectively, 12 SB818P Single 18-inch flyable subwoofers and four RSX129 2-way self-powered loudspeakers for front-fills. When spec’ing the system, Davis wanted to make sure the PA could generate enough SPL from the mains and didn’t want to rely too heavily on the subs. In addition, the venue is a long rectangular space with a balcony on one end, so making sure the balcony was covered was another important factor.
“We are very excited to finally showcase our new EAW system as we start to host in-person events again,” adds Scotty. “We know we will really dazzle our audiences with the amazing sound quality and coverage of our new EAW system.”

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