DWR Distribution’s appointment includes sales, service and support
South Africa - ArKaos, the real-time visual processing technology provider for live performance, architectural installations, LED applications and broadcast, has appointed DWR Distribution as a reseller in the South African market.
In October 2020, InMusic announced the acquisition of ArKaos - a company founded in 1996 - and has continued to focus on engineering advancements, design and technology. With an emphasis on customer expectations, DWR Distribution’s appointment includes sales, service and support. After 20 years, the ArKaos development team consists of the same people.
“When ArKaos changed management, it opened the doors for communication, and we are very excited to reinstate DWR as the official distributor in South Africa, said Nils de Laeter, brand manager at ArKaos. “DWR is a strong and well-respected distributor, is familiar with our products, and we look forward to supporting them with training, tradeshows and projects.”
“With the new ownership and some new faces, we are excited to be able to promote a product that offers new functionality and features,” said Duncan Riley of DWR. “ArKaos is respected right around the world and fills a gap in our market, allowing us to offer quality, functionality and affordability.”
Robert Izzett from DWR agrees, “We are very excited to be back on board with ArKaos and look forward to many wonderful years together.”

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