Germany - ArKaos PRO reports that it is "extremely happy" with the exposure it received at the recent Prolight+Sound, Frankfurt. "The number and quality of the visitors to the stand was excellent and we couldn't have asked for a better reception of our new products," says ArKaos PRO's Toon Servaes.

ArKaos PRO presented two new products at the show: LEDMasterpper and MediaMaster 4.0.

LEDMasterpper is an all-in-one solution that delivers professional LED show control in three easy steps. "Simply map, programme and playback," says ArKaos.

LEDMaster uses the ArKaos KlingNet protocol which adds a layer of 'intelligence' to any LED device. Through Kling-Net, the device's resolution and pixel format is sent to the LEDMaster which is then able to read and change parameters.

A new Live Pattern Generator provides hard-edged visuals based on the mapping resolution of the device chosen by the user. Users can program the extended built-in generators or use visuals from their own library.

LEDMaster's new Timeline based function means scenes can be triggered live, automatically, randomly or sequentially, while its Easy Beat Detection feature ensures every look will be unique with no repetition throughout the show.

LEDMaster brings sophisticated LED control within reach of everybody and is especially suited for retail and window display, clubs and small to medium sized theatres.

MediaMaster 4.0 is the latest, ever-more powerful version of ArKaos PRO's media server software. A plethora of new features includes new aspect ratio and cropping tools, new Hue, Saturation and Lightness tools, layer-based volume control and a redesigned interface. MediaMaster 4.0 brings more flexible protection via an optional dongle and many additional features, yet retains the simplicity of operation familiar to its users.

The addition of a new Video Optimizer and Video Mapper means visuals can all be corrected, blended and mapped within the same application. The Video Optimizer automatically re-encodes all visuals to mpeg format, even up to 4k and 8k files, while the new Video Mapper offers integrated Geometrical Correct and Edge Blending functions to enhance the professional appearance of the final output.

MediaMaster 4.0 is no longer restricted to use on only one machine. A completely redesigned licensing system allows the user to register and deregister any machine remotely from their own account.

"MediaMaster 3.0 focused largely on the video mapper," explains Servaes, "but MediaMaster 4.0 sports so many new features that it offers something for everyone - and everyone seems to want it!"

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