ArKaos PRO Studio Server
Germany - ArKaos PRO will show its complete range of media servers at Prolight+Sound 2014, marking the first European showing of all three servers side by side.

Comprising the Stage, Studio and Stadium servers, this range offers up to two-, four- and six-outputs respectively with features and controllability that meet any challenge or project requirement.

Newly presented at Prolight+Sound is MediaMaster 4.0, the latest and ever-more powerful version of ArKaos PRO's media server software. MediaMaster 4.0 brings more flexible protection via an optional dongle and many additional features, yet retains the simplicity of operation familiar to its users.

A completely redesigned licensing system allows the user to register and deregister any machine remotely from their own account so MediaMaster 4.0 is not restricted to use on only one machine.

MediaMaster 4.0's long list of new features includes new aspect ratio and cropping tools, new Hue, Saturation and Lightness tools, layer-based volume control and a redesigned interface.

The addition of a new Video Optimizer and Video Mapper means visuals can all be corrected, blended and mapped within the same application. The Video Optimizer makes wrongly-used codecs or bad settings during re-encoding a thing of the past as it automatically re-encodes all visuals to mpeg format, even up to 4k and 8k files. The new Video Mapper offers integrated Geometrical Correct and Edge Blending functions to enhance the professional appearance of the final output.

Also new for the show is LEDMaster, an all-in-one solution delivering LEDshow control in three easy steps. Just map, programme and playback.

(Jim Evans)

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