Freelance technician, Ed Jackson of Techno Tarts, was the lucky winner
UK - Artistic Licence ran a competition at this year's PLASA Show in London to advertise one of its new products, an upgrade kit for the Micro-Scope DMX tester, which went on to win the Sustainability Award.
The Micro-Scope upgrade kit is a microprocessor that can be retrofitted (by the customer) to any previous generation Artistic Licence Micro-Scope product.
Micro-Scope is a rugged DMX512 tester that has been on sale for nearly 30 years. Many thousands of products have been sold, but they do not support RDM as that protocol did not exist when Micro-Scope was invented.
The kit enables any functioning Micro-Scope unit to be brought completely up to date with a full suite of DMX512 and, most significantly, RDM test functionality – at a low cost and without the need to recycle or discard the existing product.
As Micro-Scope has been on sale for so long, its inventor (Artistic Licence founder, Wayne Howell) thought it would be amusing to see who could bring the oldest unit to the show. Naturally, the prize for the most ancient, battered unit would be a new upgrade kit!
Freelance technician, Ed Jackson of Techno Tarts, was the lucky winner. His Micro-Scope tester, serial number 782, first saw the light of day in 1998.
Delighted with his win, Ed was keen to explain the benefits: "With the new RDM upgrade to my trusty Micro-Scope 3, I can now easily determine if I’m connected to a responsive device, or a piece of wet string. There’s also a new sticker for the front plus new sticky feet for use when navigating choppy waters."

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