Art-Net is now supported by more than 150 manufacturers worldwide
UK - Artistic Licence has launched, a website dedicated to the Art-Net protocol. Offering a wealth of technical information, practical tips, downloads and registration portal, the website provides the definitive resource for anyone working with Art-Net.

Introduced by Artistic Licence into the public domain in 1998, Art-Net transformed the lighting control market by removing the channel restriction of DMX512. The protocol enabled multiple universes of data to be transported over a single ethernet cable, a necessary development as channel-hungry RGB LED fixtures became widely adopted.

Art-Net has always been non-proprietary and available free-of-charge. As a result, it is now supported by more than 150 manufacturers worldwide.

Offering over 16m control channels with full support for remote device management (RDM), Art-Net is ready for an even bigger, brighter future, says the company.

(Jim Evans)

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