Etabeta Electronics is adding ARX to a distribution portfolio which includes Ashly, Anchor, P Audio, Honeywell Mipro, One Systems, Mogami and Sonodyne
Italy - ARX Systems has appointed Bregnano based Etabeta Electronics spa as their new exclusive distributor for Italy.

ARX's MD Colin Park said, "Etabeta Electronics spa are a well-known and respected Italian distributor, here at ARX we're looking forward to working with Roberto Santini and the team at Etabeta Electronics.

"They're very enthusiastic about the possibilities for the growing ARX digital and analogue product range amongst their extensive dealer base throughout Italy."

Etabeta Electronics president Roberto Santini said, "ARX fits perfectly in our portfolio to help our installation, live sound, corporate, broadcast and studio customers."

Etabeta Electronics was founded by Roberto Santini in 1985 to distribute professional audio equipment, initially representing Cerwin Vega servicing the Italian disco market.

Subsequently, Etabeta adapted to the change in technologies and markets adding the distribution of lighting, stages, cables and connector products to their business activities.

Etabeta Electronics now employs 12 staff members involved in sales, marketing and product support with a warehouse of over 2000sq.m.

(Jim Evans)

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