Audace SuperHub Upgraded
Wednesday, 25 February 2004
Audace SuperHub UpgradedSuperHub AV Controller.
UK - Audace Ltd, manufacturers of the Intelliplate control system for fixed installations of audio-visual equipment has upgraded its flagship SuperHub controller. The first enhancement comes with the advent of a new revision of its firmware - now standing at V2.03. This latest release includes two powerful new features for programmers. A new 'checksum' facility enables both the processing and the generation of checksums on data strings.

In addition, the automation capability of the SuperHub has been enhanced with the advent of a 'relative' time stamp to complement the existing 'absolute' time events that were previously available. Both features are in direct response to requests from established customers. SuperHub's hardware has also been updated, with the release of its issue two main board. The product now utilizes the latest revision of its eight-bit processor, which, according to the manufacturer, out-performs many 16-bit processors. SuperHub has been bolstered with the addition of a further two optional opto-isolated logic outputs - taking the total available to eight. All these enhancements to the features and performance of the product have been achieved without affecting the price. SuperHub is a programmable AV Controller with automation capability, sophisticated networking functionality and connectivity to the Intelliplate range of inexpensive wall panels. Further information is available from the dedicated web site.

(Sarah Rushton-Read)

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