The API provides all the key functionality of Dante Controller
USA - Audinate has announced the immediate availability of a new API available with Dante Domain Manager 1.5. The API allows service providers, integrators, software developers and OEMs to build Dante control and monitoring into management applications, control hardware, automation scripts, help desk solutions and software-based source switching, to name only a few examples.
The API provides all the key functionality of Dante Controller. It can query Dante domains, devices, channels, and status, and can be used to change channel subscriptions or to add and remove devices from Dante domains. It allows for configuration of securely managed Dante AV-over-IP systems via third-party applications and products, enabling new capabilities and integrations for a wide variety of installations.
The new API is built using the popular GraphQL query language for rapid development with common tools such as Postman, Apollo Studio or Altair. It inherits protections and permissions from the Dante Domain Manager configuration, ensuring secure deployment.
“This feature is probably our most requested, and we're pleased to make it available to everyone now,” says Laurence Crew, senior product manager at Audinate. “The new API works with Dante Domain Manager to deliver control to third-parties in a manner that is secure and scalable and covers all Dante-enabled products running Dante 4.0 or higher.”
Showcasing the capabilities of the API is new software that brings Dante control to Crestron touch panels. A new Dante routing plugin for 3-series Crestron control processors will be available shortly. This is built on the new API to allow users of Crestron control processors to change Dante audio or video channel subscription routes with a single button press.

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