The theatre now has the capabilities to be opened up to outside parties as a performance space / venue
UK - Doughty Engineering was the supplier of choice for Audio Light Systems when the company was contracted to kit out a lecture theatre and public event space at Norwich University of Arts (NUA).
Neil McLucas, project manager at Audio Light Systems explained: “We were brought on board by NUA to supply and install cabling infrastructure with numerous facility panels, production lighting boxes, a bespoke truss/ hoist system, sound reinforcement and AV infrastructure, to allow for a multipurpose space.”
Audio Light Systems has worked with the team at Doughty on several projects over the years and knew that Dan Phillips, Doughty’s special project manager would understand the exact requirements of the project and deliver a workable solution. Dan commented: “Having been briefed by Audio Light Systems, we came up with a range of kit including all the facility panels, production lighting boxes, backboxes and internally wired bars, combining some of our readily available off-the-shelf products with some bespoke items designed specifically for NUA.”
Owing to the impact of COVID-19 and current supply chain issues, the project did experience some delays. Neil said: “Doughty did everything they could - back boxes, where free, were issued to the electrical contractor for install prior to our start date from Doughty. This has been an issue experienced by most contractors however and there is sadly very little that can be done about it. Needless to say, Dan pulled out all the stops to make sure we had the kit we needed at the earliest opportunity.”
The completed venue is a space that can be used by NUA as a lecture theatre, but with the added infrastructure, it now has the capabilities to be opened up to outside parties as a performance space/ venue.
“We have a very happy client who is thrilled with the benefits the new theatre has to offer - a first class space for students to learn with the added benefits of bringing in venue by hiring the venue out to third parties. Once again Doughty equipped us with attractive, reliable and good quality items that will ensure the venue is used to its full potential,” concluded Neil.

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