The ES964 ships with two RJ45 breakout cables for mixer connection
Europe - Audio-Technica has launched the latest in its Engineered Sound series of installation microphones - the ES964 compact boundary model, designed for small-group online conferencing and shared-use or permanent conference spaces.
Simple to install and designed to provide clear, highly intelligible speech, the ES964 has one omnidirectional capsule and two bidirectional capsules that can be matrixed into discrete directions and varying polar patterns.
Designed to work with compatible mixers such as Audio-Technica’s ATDM-0604a or ATDM-1012 digital smartmixers or with an open-architecture DSP, the microphone provides 360-degree hypercardioid and cardioid polar patterns for simultaneous pickup of all participants seated at the table. The low-profile design ensures that the table-top ES964 remains discreet at 22mm in height and 88mm in diameter.
The ES964 offers a high level of functionality, with intuitive touch controls that enable users to mute audio or trigger a logic point from any of the three separate buttons on the mic. The buttons are accessible to meeting participants in multiple seating positions.
The ES964 is compatible with 20 to 52V DC phantom power supplies and ships with two RJ45 breakout cables for mixer connection (a pair of separate RJ45 cables are required for audio delivery and control signals).

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